Inside Claudia Conway’s Audition For American Idol

Claudia Conway, daughter to Kellyanne and George Conway, dropped teasers in November 2020 that she would be making an appearance on American Idol. In fact, Claudia boasted to her 1+ million followers on TikTok that she had already met Ryan Seacrest and would shortly be making her audition.

Well, the chance to finally see this audition is being teased by American Idol. The show dropped a promo on Twitter for the episode slated for Feb. 14, 2021, and Claudia is a major part of the episode. In the clip, Claudia introduces herself and explains that her parents are “high-profile political figures.”

That brief introduction seems like an understatement for the political roles her parents played, especially during Donald Trump’s administration. Kellyanne was a senior advisor to Trump and one of his most ardent defenders. Conversely, Claudia’s father, George, was a vocal critic of Trump, a columnist for The Washington Post, and a member of the Lincoln Project, an organization of Republicans who were vehemently against Trump and his politics.

With such mixed political sentiments, it’s no wonder Claudia’s American Idol audition is causing such a stir. Here’s the scoop.

Does Katy Perry imply Claudia Conway doesn't have what it takes?

Claudia Conway’s American Idol audition is causing a huge stir. A huge reason for this is because Kellyanne and George Conway are major and occasionally controversial political figures. The promo clip, however, also shows the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan reacting to Claudia.

There’s a moment where it looks like Katy Perry might not be that impressed by Claudia. “We want an American idol,” Perry says, with the implication that Claudia might not make the cut for a golden ticket.

There’s no doubt that media headlines about Claudia have been contentious. In late January 2021, police investigated the Conways’ mansion, located in Alpine, N.J. after a partially nude photo of Claudia appeared on Kellyanne’s Twitter account. According to the New York Post, Claudia first accused her mother of leaking it and later admitted that the account was likely hacked instead.

But this isn’t the first time Claudia has been in conflict with her parents and shared about it on social media, the outlet reminds. In August 2020, Claudia even briefly sought emancipation from her parents, so she’s no stranger to the spotlight. American Idol will certainly be an interesting venue for her!

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