Inside the private lives of rapper Eminem's three children

Making their father proud! As Eminem walks eldest daughter Alaina, 30, down the aisle at her wedding, a look inside the fascinating lives of all three of his kids – from fashion influencer Hailie to non-binary artist Stevie

  • Alaina was taken in by Marshall Mathers and Kim Scott in the 1990s
  • Hailie, 27, is the only biological daughter of the rapper and ex-wife Kim
  • Stevie, 21, is the child of Kim and another man, who was adopted by the rapper 
  • READ MORE: Eminem’s adopted daughter MARRIES her partner Matt Moeller in Michigan with her sister Hailie Jade as a bridesmaid

Eminem is celebrated as one of the best rappers alive, however the star is also praised for being an attentive and loving father to his children, Hailie Jade Mathers, Alaina (Lainey) Marie Scott and Stevie Laine Mathers.

The rap star just walked his oldest daughter, Alaina, down the aisle on her wedding day earlier this month, after adopting the plus-size blogger when she was a child. 

Alaina is biological daughter of the late Dawn Scott, who was the twin sister of Kim Scott, Eminem’s ex-wife and had a very public battle with drug addiction.

Meanwhile, Hailie Jade is the only biological child from the superstar musician’s turbulent relationship with his ex Kim.

Rapper Eminem is the father to three children, (L – R) Stevie Laine Mathers, Hailie Jade Mathers and Alaina (Lainey) Marie Scott

Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) and his ex-wife Kim Scott have continued to raise their children together after divorcing in 2006 – pictured together in 2000

Elsewhere, Stevie – who was born Whitney – is Kim’s biological child with another man, who was born during a period when Kim and the rapper were separated.

The star’s three kids mainly lived their lives out of the spotlight, with their father – whose real name is Marshall Mathers – ensuring that they enjoyed relatively regular childhoods.

As they got older, they have slowly begun to share more with fans online through social media and business ventures.

Hailie, 27, is a successful influencer that has launched her own podcast, while Alaina, 30, is a PR executive and Stevie, 21, is an aspiring artist – who recently made headlines after they came out as non-binary. 

Fans received the most wholesome life update yet in June when Alaina shared pictures from her wedding day – which saw her sister Hailie attend as a bridesmaid.

In a rare comment about raising his children, the rap star admitted being a parent is his proudest achievement to date.

Speaking on boxer Mike Tyson’s podcast in 2020, he stated: ‘So when I think about my accomplishments like that’s probably the thing that I’m the most proud of, you know, is that — is being able to raise kids.

Here, unveils how the musician’s three children have maintained normal lives after growing up with their superstar father.

Hailie Jade, 27: The only child of the hitmaker and his ex-wife Kim Scott

Hailie, born on Christmas day in 1995, is the only biological daughter of the rapper and his ex-wife, Kim

She has remained close to her mother and siblings following her parents’ divorce in 2006, with group shots the group often being shared on Instagram

Both Alaina and Stevie were on hand to celebrate Hailie’s graduation in 2018

Hailie was born on Christmas day in 1995, and she is the only biological daughter of the rapper and his ex-wife, Kim.

Eminem and Kim married in 1991 and divorced two years later in 2001. However, they reconciled and chose to remarry in 2006. 

Hailie has a close but private relationship with her rapper father

Things didn’t last long second time round and the pair divorced again just months later.

Eminem has only spoken about Hailie in a few rare interviews, citing her as his biggest inspiration when he was broke and starting out rapping in run-down Detroit.

‘She has been my main source of drive and motivation, especially when she was first born,’ he stated back in 2002. ‘I didn’t have a career yet, I didn’t have money, I didn’t have a place to live. I think that kicked me in the a*** harder knowing, “How am I going to raise her?”‘

He continued: ‘She’s always been the driving force for me to stay busy, stay focused, always been my number one reason for fear of failure. I can’t fail. I can’t have her grow up and not be able to say, “My dad succeeded”.

‘I talk about her a lot, the truth is she is all I got in this world. If everything ended tomorrow, she’s all that I have.’

The proud daughter attended the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony with her dad in 2022

She was also on hand to cheer him on during his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022

Indeed, Hailie is mentioned in more than 20 of Eminem’s songs, including aptly titled Hailie’s Song, My Dad’s Gone Crazy, Kim, 97 Bonnie & Clyde, Beautiful and My Darling. 

In the 2022 debut episode of her Just A Little Shady podcast, Hailie reminisced about her ‘surreal’ childhood.

She shared memories of growing up the daughter of the rap superstar and how she got to travel around on a tour bus.

But also explained that she went to a ‘normal’ public school with best friend Brittany Edni as she recalled: ‘We were in a normal public school. We never thought anything was different. 

‘We had so many normal experiences, that when something like that happened, I thought everybody else does that too.’

Education was key during her childhood and when Hailie graduated Chippewa Valley High School with honors in 2014, she thanked her parents, stating: ‘They have pushed me to be the person I am and have given me all the support to achieve what I have.’ 

The young star shunned the limelight until 2016 when she launched a public Instagram account while studying at Michigan State University.

Unlike her famous father, Hailie has shown little interest in becoming a musician and soon drew a following who were impressed her by fashion and beauty skills. 

Unlike her famous father, Hailie has shown little interest in becoming a musician and works as a social media influencer

The influencer debuted her new podcast – Just A Little Shady last year

Hailie is currently engaged to her college sweetheart Evan McClintock

She has since become a popular lifestyle influencer who often models trending looks and lavish holiday snaps. 

While at university, she studied Psychology and revealed to that she graduated near the top of the class as she was ‘on the Dean’s List or whatever.’     

The influencer often shows off her diamond engagement ring  in pictures 

During that time, she began dating her college sweetheart Evan McClintock, who was studying economics. 

In December 2021, Hailie delighted fans when she revealed she truly was her father’s biggest supporter.

In a touching TikTok Video, she sweetly revealed that she was among the top 3% of listeners of Eminem’s music on music streaming service Spotify that year. 

Her dad was also Hailie’s most listened to artist on her charts. 

‘What??? Do I listen to my dad’s music?’ she captioned the TikTok post.

Just months later, the star was first and center to cheer on her father when he performed at the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar. 

In February this year, fans were thrilled by the news that Hailie was officially engaged to her longtime love, Evan McClintock.

Alaina ‘Lainey’ Scott, 30: The rapper and his ex-wife adopted her niece in the 1990s after her mom died of an overdose

Eminem adopted Aliana in the 90s. She is biological daughter of the late Dawn Scott, who was the twin sister of the rapper’s ex-wife Kim 

Eminem and Kim raised Alaina alongside Hailie (left) and Kim’s youngest child Stevie (right)

While Hailie is the most famous of Eminem’s daughters, fans have been just as familiar with ‘Lainey’ thanks to references the rapper made about her in some of his songs.

Alaina’s mother Dawn Scott battled drug addiction throughout the 1990s and after she was born in May 1993, the rapper and Kim took Alaina in to give her a stable upbringing.

Alaina’s biological mom Dawn Scott died in 2016 from an apparent heroin overdose

In 2016 Dawn, who was still struggling with addiction, was found dead following an apparent heroin overdose. 

Eminem and Kim raised Alaina alongside Hailie and Kim’s youngest child Stevie, despite their own on-and-off relationship. The couple divorced in 2006.

While little is known about Lainey in comparison to her younger sister, she revealed details about her personal and professional life in a sit-down chat on Hailie’s podcast, Just a Little Shady.

The siblings reminisced on their childhood, where Hailie admitted she and her friends used to spy on Alaina and tell her parents what the older sibling had said.

In response, Alaina laughed: ‘I was always getting in trouble.’

Without naming her parents, she gave an insight into how they brought her up in a story about her birthday party when she was around 12 years old and in sixth grade.

She said: ‘I was having a pool party and I wanted to wear a two-piece bathing suit and I wasn’t allowed.’

Alaina also recalled receiving a ‘C’ grade in a progress report at school and getting in trouble with her parents.

‘I had to get a tutor and I could only go wherever you [Hailie] went. I was grounded,’ she recalled. 

Alaina (left) recently appeared on her sister Hailie’s Just a Little Shady podcast where the siblings reminisced over their childhood with ‘strict’ parents

Alaina is a PR executive, who also launched a book club and does work as a plus size fashion influencer

December 2021 saw Alaina revealed to her followers that she was engaged to partner Matt Moeller 

Hailie agreed they were raised in a household where education was paramount, with Alaina being the first member of the family to go to university. 

The siblings revealed Alaina had taken student council roles and lots of extra-curricular clubs while she was at school and excelled. 

As the sisters sat down in conversation, Lainey revealed she moved out of the family home when she was 18 and went to a few different universities, studying subjects from art to hair styling, until she finally achieved her degree in communications and PR.

In the podcast, recorded in November, Alaina announced she was about to ‘go back to school’ to study more beauty courses and said she was looking forward to studying again. 

Through her social media account, Alaina has discussed her battles with depression and anxiety while growing, caused by the strain of dealing with her biological mother’s addiction. 

On Mother’s Day in 2022, she posted about her relationship with Dawn, writing: ‘As a child who has lost their mom from addiction and because of that had a strained relationship I often felt a loss before I truly had to grieve my mom’s passing.

‘I used to be so angry and hurt by all of this, but as I’ve become older I can’t help but realize how much work it takes to be a good mama. 

 The couple shared sweet snaps of the rooftop proposal 

Slim Shady walked her down the aisle on her big day star – but stayed out of pictures from the event

‘That sometimes our parents are hurting, searching, and trying to find themselves too – all while attempting to raise little ones. That often times they really are trying their best, even if their best isn’t that great.’ 

Alaina now lives a wholesome life in Michigan with her partner Matt Moeller and their two sausage dogs. 

Her Instagram account also offers glimpses into her life, with the PR executive posting a photo of her father wearing a T-shirt from her Alpha Delta Pi sorority at university which joked he was the ‘best dad’.

December 2021 saw Alaina revealed to her followers that she was engaged to Matt and shared sweet photos of the proposal.

Captioning the images, she wrote: ‘This moment. this life… yes a hundred times over. I LOVE YOU.’ 

The pair then tied the knot on June 9, with Alaina later confirming that her father had been in attendance.

Speaking to People magazine, she explained: ‘said: ‘He wasn’t going to miss that! I had an 80-ft long black and white checkered aisle and my dad walked me down the aisle.

‘Getting married is a sacred thing and we wanted to be surrounded by people who share in our daily lives.’

Stevie Laine, 21: The biological child of Kim Scott and her one-time partner Eric Hartter, who was adopted by Eminem

Stevie, who was born Whitney Laine in April 2002, is the biological child of Kim Scott and Eric Hartter – they were adopted by Eminem in 2005

In 2021, Stevie announced on their TikTok channel that they were gender fluid and shared a video of their journey to becoming non-binary

Stevie, who was born Whitney Laine in April 2002, is the biological child of Kim Scott and Eric Hartter.

However, they were formally adopted by Eminem in 2005 when he and Kim got back together. 

The couple remarried in 2006 but were divorced again by the end of the year.

Hartter died in August 2019 from a cocaine and fentanyl overdose in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan following years of drug addiction.

In 2021, then 20-year-old Stevie announced on their TikTok channel that they were gender fluid and would, from then on, alternate between the pronouns he, she and they.

Posting a TikTok video about their gender identity which included old photos of Whitney, they spoke of ‘becoming more comfortable’ with themselves.

They posted the hashtag ‘gender fluid and ‘bi’ and also explained their new pronouns.

Through their TikTok channel, Stevie has revealed snippets of what it was like growing up as the daughter of Eminem and Kim Scott, while hiding their sexuality and gender identity.

In another video, Stevie revealed they had once looked up ‘girls kissing’ on their mother’s iPad and later blamed it on a cousin when Kim asked about the search.

Around the same time they revealed their gender-fluidity, Stevie recalled finding out they were adopted in a seemingly frustrated dig at their parents.

Stevie appears to have a close relationship with their half-sister, Alaina

Stevie lives a quiet life in Michigan with their long-distance boyfriend, TikToker Declan Jace

They lip synced along to captions that seemed to recount a real-life incident in which someone had informed them that they were adopted.

‘He’s not your real dad,’ said the unnamed person. ‘You’re adopted.’

Stevie appeared to lip sync a denial, before approaching their adopted father (given name: Marshall Mathers III), though the rapper seemed to have falsely claimed to be their biological father.

‘You’re my real dad right? am i adopted [sic]?’ they recounted asking.

‘I am your real dad,’ the father figure allegedly replied.

Then Stevie claimed they were ‘sent an article of my biological dads death [sic],’ which they showed to their grandmother.

‘I’m sorry they wouldn’t tell you about him,’ Stevie recounted their grandmother saying.

They concluded the video by lip syncing the line ‘That must be so confusing for a little girl’ from the Adventure Time song Remember Me, which was played behind the video.

Now, Stevie lives a quiet life in Michigan with their long-distance boyfriend, TikToker Declan Jace, cat Sully and a pet dog.

They also sell sticker artwork online, with their Redbubble account stating: ‘I make art for fun, thank you for supporting!’

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