Isaac Bruce Says Rams Will Upset Buccaneers In Playoffs, 28-27!

Rams legend Isaac Bruce is predicting an early exit from the playoffs for Tom Brady … saying his old team will beat the Buccaneers today — by one point!

The former wideout — who’s admittedly pretty biased given the fact that he played for the org. for 14 seasons — made the prognostication to TMZ Sports earlier this week.

“I say it’s close,” Bruce said. “28-27.”

Bruce is confident in his former team given the tattered state of Brady’s O-line. The Hall of Famer tells us he expects Aaron Donald and Von Miller to have a big role in the matchup due to the injuries in front of Brady.

Bruce, though, did acknowledge that beating TB12 won’t be easy.

“It will be really tough to hold Tom Brady under 25 points,” Bruce said, “but I think it will be 27-28 Rams in the end.”

Kickoff for the game is slated for 12 PM PT.

And, if you were wondering what snacks Bruce might be munchin’ on during the game — check out this clip, seems there’s a good chance it’ll be ice cream and cookies!!!

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