The ‘Red Table Talk’ host and her Oscar-winner husband have reportedly talked with one of the top adoption agencies as they are ‘pretty excited’ about being parents again.

AceShowbiz -Having gone through some ups and downs in the past few years, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith may be ready for another adventure in their relationship. Words are the couple is entertaining the idea of becoming parents again and is considering child adoption to achieve this.

“They have talked about being parents again,” a source tells Media Take Out of the Smiths’ alleged plans to expand their family. The pair are apparently serious about it as the source claims, “…and I hear that they have engaged one of the top adoption agencies.”

The source notes though, “I don’t know whether they are actually adopting a child, or just looking into it, but they’re both pretty excited about it.” The so-called insider, however, wasn’t able to offer any insight into the age, or race of the child that Will and Jada are potentially looking into bringing into their family.

Will and Jada are already parents to 23-year-old Jaden Smith and 21-year-old Willow Smith. The “King Richard” star also shares a 29-year-old son, Trey, with his ex-wife Sheree Zampino.

In the latest episode of “Red Table Talk”, Jada and Sheree opened up about their fractious early relations, with the host admitting that she “crossed the line” when she complained about Will and Sheree’s son Trey’s behavior. “I can remember some times that I really crossed the line. There was one time Trey had a play date and he misbehaved. I was like, ‘Uh uh, we gotta sit down, we gotta talk about this, Trey can’t be behaving this way,’ ” she recalled.

Sheree then interjected, “Let me give you my version. I literally walked in the house just to drop him off and as soon as I walked in, Jada was like, ‘We gotta talk about his behavior!’ I was like, ‘Go get his daddy please. Why are you talking about what happens at my house, over here?’ His behavior was at my house.”

Jada admitted, “It was a lot of intertwining and it got really kind of messy,” while Sheree branded Jada’s behavior “out of line.” Sheree continued, “My only requirement was that you treated my son well. You did that and your heart was always right toward him, wanting the best for him.”

Jada eventually apologized to Sheree for developing a relationship with Will too early. “I remember you coming to me, and you were teary, you were very emotional and you said, ‘I just didn’t know.’ And basically what you were saying is, ‘I was in the picture too soon,’ ” Sheree recounted. “And you apologized for that.”

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