Draymond Green proved he can throw a mean punch … and Jake Paul‘s already drooling over the Warriors star’s potential — saying he’d pay $10 MILLION to get the 4-time champ in the boxing ring ASAP.

TMZ Sports obtained video of 32-year-old Green knocking teammate Jordan Poole to the ground after a heated back-and-forth during practice on Wednesday.

Paul clearly saw the footage … and on Friday, he said he’d pay top dollar to see 6’6″, 230 lb. Green to pick up a new sport.

“Gotta get Draymond Green in the boxing ring,” the Problem Child tweeted … adding he already has an idea for who his opponent could be.

“Draymond Green vs Deron Williams. Who wins?”

Of course, Deron is a former NBAer-turned-boxer … and he fought NFL star Frank Gore on one of Jake’s undercards in the past — so the opponent would make sense if Green was actually interested.

As for the payday, Jake is ready to write a FAT check — “Draymond I got $10 million for you to get in the ring on the next Most Valuable Promotions pay per view. Who you want?”

For what it’s worth, while Jake says Draymond did his thing against Poole, he makes it clear he thinks he’d finish Green off in the first round if they were to ever fight.

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