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I watched James Corden’s whole interview with Oprah promoting Weight Watchers. There was a large group of Weight Watcher members on Zoom clapping and watching live, which was nice to see. While I didn’t come away with more affection for Corden, he did get vulnerable and it was fascinating how Oprah got him to open up. He even got a little weepy at one point, and no shame in that. I would bawl like a baby talking to Oprah. Kaiser and I talked about that on the last Gossip With Celebitchy podcast, how Oprah is like a therapist. We think Oprah will be able to get Duchess Meghan to open up because she’s Oprah and has decades of experience interviewing people.

We heard early in January that Corden had become a Weight Watchers spokesperson simply by calling them up and telling them he wanted to lose weight. He was emotional in his announcement about that and said he’s struggled with his weight for over a decade. Corden told Oprah that he’s lost 16 pounds in the five weeks that he’d been on Weight Watchers at that point. He was really enthusiastic about being able to eat regular food and not having to give up whole food groups like on his past diets. Honestly this interview made me want to try Weight Watchers again, because Oprah can sell me anything. Here’s some of what they said and you can see the video here. This came out last week but I’m just seeing it now.

On Carpool Karaoke
God bless Mariah Carey for saying yes, because if she hadn’t said yes, I don’t even know if our show would have been on the air for more than three months. She took a real gamble on us and we will always, always love her for it

On his dream Carpool Karaoke guest
It has to be Beyonce, doesn’t it?

On losing weight and dieting
I’ve constantly gone on diets and I’ve seen them as diets. A shake in the morning, a shake in the evening, all of that nonsense in between. I may have lost 10 pounds in a month. And then two months after that, I’m 20 pounds heavier than I was at the start. There is no quick fix to this. This is a journey where I have to change my relationship with foods and change the way that I consume food. I don’t have to starve myself of all of these things that I love and enjoy.

I’m not going ‘Right, that’s it, I’m on a diet. Breads gone. Carbohydrate, gone. Chocolate gone everything gone.’

I’m down 16 pounds. I’d really like to experience just one day underneath 200 pounds. When I met my wife, I was about 280. And when I started this on WW, I was 236. I’m now 220.

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After that Corden talked about connecting with the other Weight Watchers members and while I didn’t buy that part of his talk, he did seem to be genuinely affected by working with them and being so successful early on. As I often say, Weight Watchers is the best paid program out there. It’s not gimmicky and while they have their own branded foods they don’t push them too much. I’m still using MyFitnessPal but it didn’t stop me from going up a size during lockdown. I considered joining Noom but they seemed to keep changing their prices based on what I was willing to pay. Plus they have a lot of bad reviews. Maybe I’ll try Weight Watchers again, I know they won’t fleece me. I would say James Corden can sell me things, but I think Oprah’s power just rubs off on everyone.

Also I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Corden say before now that Beyonce is his dream Carpool Karaoke guest. I wonder if she talked to Dave Grohl and decided against it.

Please note that I wrote this all last night before I saw James’ interview with Prince Harry! Harry smoked him on the Spartan course, which was cute.

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