James Martin told to 'shut up' by Galton Blackiston

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James Martin, 49, has been inundated with support from his followers after posting a cryptic post on Instagram. The star lamented seeing the “very best of people and the very worst of people” in his latest update.

Posting in view of his 642,000 followers, the Saturday Morning star posted the cryptic message.

He shared a picture featuring a quote from Allison Aars, who is the founder of The Festive Farmhouse.

This reads: “When you finally learn that a person’s behaviour has more to do with their own internal struggle than it ever did with you… you learn grace.”

James accompanied the image with his own caption, opening up about his previous month.

He penned: “This week, in fact, this month, I’ve seen the very best of people and the very worst of people…”

James also shared the post on his Twitter feed as well as fans offered their support.

One follower replied: “Just ignore them they’re not worth it. Keep smiling.

“People who have nothing nice to say should just keep quiet.”

Another wrote: “Sorry to hear some people are being unkind.

“Keep smiling lovely, they will wonder what you know that they don’t.”

“I’ve seen this in the past year,” replied a third.

“Some people have been amazing but also seen the horrid side of humans.”

A fourth then added: “People can be so unkind.

“If only they would stop and think before voicing their thoughts! Sending hugs xx.”

Elsewhere, the TV chef has been celebrating his birthday this week.

James turned 49 on Wednesday as he took to Instagram to mark the occasion.

He shared a picture of him as a young boy in a checked shirt eating ice cream.

He is also taking a summer break from filming his popular series Saturday Morning.

James announced back at the beginning of June how they’re taking a break for a few weeks.

Fans can still enjoy watching James on weekly repeats of the show airing on Channel 4.

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