Jamie Dornan Shares The Reason He, Andrew Garfield, & Co. Shunned Robert Pattinson From Their Friend Group!

Jamie Dornan is clearing the air on the rumors that his now-famous friend group iced out Robert Pattinson!

For those who don’t know, the two stars go way back, and were part of a clique of British actors who all moved to El Lay in the 2000s in hopes of breaking into the biz. While the group members — made up of R.Patz, Dornan, Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Sturridge, and Charlie Cox — are all successful now, it wasn’t always that way.

As Garfield put it to James Corden during a joint interview with Jamie on The Late Late Show in November 2021:

“We were the kind of guys that would go to The Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard to play ping pong and order one cocktail between us because we couldn’t afford any more.”

Like in most cliques, however, one person apparently felt like the black sheep: The Batman star, who recently admitted he often felt like he was on the outskirts of the group!

Pattinson told ET recently:

“They were all roommates, and I was kind of the last one invited. I was invited as an afterthought. There’d be like one slice of pizza left and I’d be like, ‘Is there any for me?’”

Unsurprisingly, fans took this admission to mean that some sort of beef caused tension in the group — but Jamie now wants everyone to know his side of the story.

While speaking to ET Online at the Critics Choice Awards, the Belfast star explained the group of friends simply felt Rob was in a “different stratosphere” after he landed the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. He shared:

“The pity invite? No. I think with Rob it’s always been like, he sort of had success earlier, so we were a bit like, ‘Does he really fit in with us?’ Because we were not working and he’s working all the time… He did Twilight and was suddenly in a different stratosphere than us and we’ve sort of, not caught up, but we all started working more consistently, but yeah, Jesus, we’ve known each other a long time.”

Inneresting. Whatever their reason, it does sound like Jamie and the other lads distanced themselves from Rob at one point!

But the Fifty Shades of Grey star made it clear that there are no issues between him and the new Caped Crusader these days. In another interview from the night with Access Hollywood, he explained:

“We never left him at home. Why would we leave him at home? He’s the key. He’s the good looking one. He was the good-looking one, he got us all in. He got us all the attention. He was too successful for us early on. We all took our time. I’m still not there, compared to those guys. But we had a lot of fun back in the day.”

Let’s hope the fun continues!

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