We’ve seen a lot of breakups, even bad ones, where the two parents are able to put aside their differences and respect one another as co-parents. But that is NOT where Jana Kramer is at, at least not yet.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the One Tree Hill alum DID put up a positive Father’s Day post, but it very pointedly did not include any mention of the parenting virtues of baby daddy Mike Caussin. She wrote:

“Today might be hard for some. I know it was for me for years but forgiveness, understanding and growth is a beautiful thing.”

But the rest of the post wasn’t about forgiveness so much as praising what a father should be — albeit describing “GOD — The Ultimate Father”:

“Here’s one that I’ve learned though and was talked about in church today. God is a father that will never leave you, will always love you no matter what. He will always be there to listen and to love you. Let him love you.”

While praising Heavenly Father is de rigueur for religious folks on Father’s Day, we can’t help but read this as potentially a little shady. We mean, “a father that will never leave you” and “will always be there” — as opposed to the father of her children who wasn’t? It’s hard not to think maybe there was a bit of that in there when there was ZERO shoutout to her hockey player ex all day.

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Hey, you know who else is a fellow churchgoer and talks about it a lot? Graham Bunn!

Jana was spotted recently in the company of the Bachelorette alum, getting tongues wagging at the possibility she was moving on after her devastating divorce.

That included hers as she tried to explain that they were really just friends — but ended up implying more was definitely on the way as she told E!’s Daily Pop:

“Okay, sure we are in an entanglement. We are dancing the line of friends. We are dancing the line, and I am happy.”

“Dancing the line of friends,” we like that. But Jana was less thrilled about her response.

On her Whine Down podcast on Sunday, the I Got The Boy singer backtracked, insisting she didn’t realize what she was saying:

“It’s one of those things where… first of all, I don’t even know what is. I just feel like sometimes I need to take a beat before I say something because I would have obviously worded it a lot differently.”

The momma of two especially didn’t like how her words were interpreted by, well, basically everyone.

“I regret that a little bit because the storms of stories that came out really affected me and my anxiety because that’s just not where I’m at. It messed with me and threw me for a loop.”

It’s not where she’s at?? She continued:

“To set the record straight, we are friends, and I’ve known of him for seven years… I didn’t watch his season of The Bachelorette, I didn’t even know he was on it.”

OK, so she’s made it clear she’s not some fangirl pining over the man. But there is most definitely something there. You don’t have to read between the lines of a phrase like “dancing the line of friends.”

So how did they meet all those years back?

She explained she did “a few interviews” with Graham “back in the day” — and the country radio host reached out to her after her very public breakup.

“When I went through the divorce, he reached out to me and… it was just very kind and thoughtful.”

AH, he pulled the old “I’m here for you.” Fair play, they were both single. And they quickly “became friends.” And then of course they started dancing on that line! LOLz!

She says he’s been “sweet” to her since the breakup, but for her the implication it was getting serious was a little too much. She complained:

“It’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Can’t a girl go on a date and have fun too?’ … He knows and I know that I just need to be alone. I need to go through what I’m going through and I need to do that alone.”

Hey, fair enough. But it also seems clear he’ll be there when she wants something more. That’s how being “here for you” works.


Do YOU think Jana was shading Mike, either intentionally or not? And what’s going on with Graham?? Let us know what y’all think in the comments (below)!

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