Jasmine Harman: A Place In The Sun star talks candidly on ‘slow burn’ romance with husband

Jasmine Harman says she’s stuck in Spain after cancelled flight

Jasmine Harman, 45, has given fans an insight into her relationship with husband Jon Boast, who she tied the knot with in 2009. The couple met on the set of A Place In The Sun: Home or Away, as they both embarked on their debut episode.

Jasmine revealed they were both taking on their first TV jobs at the time and were “thrown in together”.

Following the pressures of a brand new career venture, Jasmine admitted their romance was a bit of a “slow burner”.

Speaking candidly about her relationship with the cameraman, the A Place In The Sun presenter said: “We met on the very first episode.

“Jon was the cameraman, and we were just working together for the whole of the first series.

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“The director and producer were always busy working away and recce-ing and scripting, and even our local sound man was off visiting friends.

“It was Jon’s first TV job too, so Jon and I were both thrown in together.

“It was a slow burner and we just fell in love. We became really good friends and that has been the basis of a really good relationship.”

The mum-of-two went on to say her past relationships had taught her some lessons before she met Jon.


She added: “I had had boyfriends before who I’d fallen head over heels for and that had turned out to be complete bleeps!

“With Jon it was so nice to have a laugh together and have no pressure,” she explained in a new interview with Suffolk Norfolk Life Magazine.

It comes after Jasmine reflected on the moment her other half got completely “soaked” while filming the Channel 4 programme.

The small-screen star revealed her spouse decided to film a segment from the shower of a property, alongside the sound man.

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“There are times when you’re trying to film in a small room,” Jasmine explained in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

“Now, we just have to get shots of it because we can’t fit into a tiny room like the shower room.”

She went on: “We were having a little look around the property with the house hunters and my husband Jon was filming it.

“My close friend Antonio was the sound man on the shoot.

“Because we were in this tiny bathroom filming they have both backed into the shower. They wanted to give the house hunters a bit more space to have a look.”

She continued: “They filmed this little section and as they stepped out of the shower, Antonio’s belt got caught on the tap.

“The shower came on over their heads and soaked the camera and all their equipment.”

“Everything we shot that morning was still in the camera and it had all been ruined,” Jasmine chuckled.

“Jon had to take the camera apart completely, dry it all out and we managed to get it working again.

“But we had to start all of the filming over again because the camera had got soaked and all the footage was gone.”

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