Jason Aldean Says 'Try That in a Small Town' Connects with Boston b/c of Marathon Bombings

Jason Aldean says the folks at his Boston concert are kindred spirits … they understand the lyrics of “Try That in a Small Town,” because they’ve experienced the violence to which he is referring.

Aldean performed Saturday night at the Mansfield Xfinity Center and told concertgoers how their experience with the Boston Marathon bombings aligned with his song. He says Boston stood up to defend their City with the mantra, “Boston Strong.”

Jason made his case again … that the song is not about race but, as he put it, common sense. He said the song is about violence … burning down buildings, etc.

As you know, the song has become a lightning rod, with lots of folks claiming it’s a dog whistle against the BLM movement and is racially charged. The controversy propelled the song to the top of the charts and has become an anthem at his concerts.

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