Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez Hit The Ski Slopes In Aspen

Jeff Bezos and his boo Lauren Sanchez are living their best lives this holiday season … tacklin’ the slopes in the snow as a couple!

Jeff and Lauren strapped on some ski boots and took to Aspen, CO Tuesday — enjoyin’ each other’s company, no doubt … as they tried their luck on some of the many slopes in the area.

We’re told the couple was on the slopes for about an hour and a half before comin’ back down around lunchtime. JB and LS were also a part of a big group with an instructor — unclear if any of Jeff’s high-profile pals tagged along, though.

Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Together

As you know, Jeff and Lauren have been inseparable for the last 3 years, traveling the world and essentially living together. Lauren even revealed she’s planning on blasting into space on Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket next year, and it’s gonna be an all-female crew.

Sounds like this is another trip for the books … BTW — unclear what’s bein’ passed out on the ski lift here, but Lauren’s making it look like her card just got pulled out of a deck! What a magical time.

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