Jennifer Lopez has found herself back in LA, after the set of her latest film production had to shutdown because of a massive Covid outbreak. In the new year, J.Lo traveled to Spain for the production of The Mother. The production was shut down last week, and J.Lo boarded a private plane back to LA.

So what does J.Lo do when she unexpectedly finds herself with free time? She takes her daughter Emme out shopping at the Grove, and they got some ice cream. Jen and Emme were out together all weekend, and J.Lo had at least three big costume changes. And Emme… did not. Emme was rocking her oversized overalls (I call them “bibs”) all weekend.

I honestly love Emme and J.Lo’s mother-daughter aesthetic. I find it charming. J.Lo is all glam and costume changes and “I’m going to make maxi skirts happen” and shopping excursions in high-heeled black boots and aviator glasses. Meanwhile, Emme is like “my bibs are so comfortable, I love pairing them with an oversized sweater.” Emme is all about shapeless fashion, granny style, androgyny. What’s cool is that J.Lo just accepts that this is Emme’s style, and maybe it’s a phase and maybe not, but it’s fine. She’s gonna let Emme be Emme.

PS… I really dislike J.Lo’s fringed Chanel purse, it’s fug! That jean maxi skirt is so unflattering too.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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