Ben Affleck is a man about town with Jennifer Lopez playing co-pilot as they continue to look for the perfect home for her — and their latest stop featured a much-needed 3rd (and 4th) opinion … from none other than her kiddos.

Bennifer was house hunting again Friday (on J Lo’s behalf) … this time cruising through what we’re told was an upscale neighborhood in Santa Monica — not too far from where Ben currently stays in the Pacific Palisades. Just like a couple days ago, Ben was in the driver’s seat … and Jen was mapping things out on her phone — navigating him through SM’s busy streets, we’re sure.

The big difference this time, though, was the fact that her two children were tagging along for the stop-in. 13-year-old Emme and Max were in tow with their mom and what looked to be bodyguards/handlers … who were also present for the tour of a place they ended up peepin’.

Check out the picks of the two tykes running into the crib — a house that we’re told was nice and all … but not nearly as gargantuan or ritzy as the $65 million palace, among others, they were scoping Thursday in Holmby Hills. The price tag is that high for a reason.

No word yet on how much this new potential pad they saw Friday might cost — but we’ve been told it appeared “modest” compared to the cribs the couple had just seen a day prior. Hey … just ’cause she’s filthy stinkin’ rich doesn’t mean she can’t be smart with her dough.

At any rate … something tells us Emme and Max offered some great insight that’ll probably weigh in heavily on where J Lo ends up settling down. Like we told you — this place would be just for Jen and the kids (for now) … and it looks like her move West is all but guaranteed at this point, based on all the circumstantial evidence we’ve seen lately.

Good luck, you two four!!!

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