New footage from the aftermath of the Jeremy Renner snowplow accident shows the actor surrounded by the team of medics racing to save his life.

The police body cam captured the rescue operation … critically injured Jeremy is on the ground, with 5 first responders working swiftly to stabilize him. The surreal scene is playing out right next to a huge pool of blood where the plow had run over the actor.

Jeremy somehow survived being crushed by his snowplow, and, as you know … he was eventually airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

It looks like medics loaded him into an ambulance while waiting for the chopper to arrive. We now know he had 35 broken bones, a collapsed lung and punctured liver — just to name a few of his injuries — yet he survived the New Year’s Day disaster, thanks in no small part to the first responders seen here.

The police footage also shows Jeremy’s nephew explaining the harrowing scene … detailing how Jeremy had gotten out of the snowplow cab to check on him. When the plow kept rolling … he got sucked under its tread while trying to get back in the cab and stop it from hitting his nephew.

The officers on scene were audibly shocked when his nephew describe Jeremy’s heroism in that moment.

The footage is tense and dramatic, but as we’ve reported … Jeremy is now in the midst of a miraculous recovery — he’s able to walk again, and says it’s pure luck he’s still alive.

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