Jerry Jones was hit by a coughing fit that was so bad on Tuesday — he didn’t just request oxygen … he wanted a shot of booze too!!!

The Cowboys owner hacked up the lung during his weekly spot on the Shan & RJ show on Audacy’s 105.3 The Fan … attempting to clear his throat for several moments.

While he was discussing the state of his Dallas franchise, things got so full of phlegm, the show’s hosts had to pause and ask if he was OK. Jerry responded yes, before the coughing continued.

Finally, Jerry was able to get it all out … and then he quipped, “Get me some oxygen!”

“Better still,” he continued, “how ’bout a big shot of Jack!”

Jerry eventually recovered well enough to discuss some more serious matters — the Odell Beckham Jr. plane incident … and the 1957 photo of him at a desegregation protest.

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Miami Plane, Says He Just Fell Asleep

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Miami Plane, Says He Just Fell Asleep

On OBJ, Jones said the issues the wide receiver had on an American Airlines flight on Sunday will have no impact on the Cowboys’ pursuit of the free agent.

As for the now-infamous photo of him that began recirculating last week, Jones said, “I think the key thing is, for me, is that it’s a misread if you think that I don’t recognize how monumental those days were.”

jerry jones

“I respect the people that were involved that were trying to, make their, if you will, change things. And I have a lot of respect for that.”

Jones had previously addressed the picture following the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game, saying, “I had no idea when I walked up there what I was doing.”

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