Jess Harding hints shes back to her day job – just days after winning Love Island

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She was crowned the 2023 winner of Love Island alongside new man Sammy Root just last week, but now Jess Harding has hinted that fame as already become too much to handle.

The blonde bombshell – who beat fellow finalists Whitney and Lochan, Ella and Tyrique, and Molly and Zach to the win – yesterday shared a clip as she visited her beauty salon for the first time since landing home from the villa.

And Jess, 22, has implied she may already be prepared to return to her day job as a beautician, admitting she's really missed her former work.

"Miss the clinic and work," Jess said after posting a video of her personally owned and ran business Candy Aesthetics, a London-based salon that offers a number of beauty treatments, including fillers and Botox.

Prior to entering the villa – in which she and Sammy took their relationship to the next level by becoming exclusive – Jess told viewers she had big plans for her business.

"As I have my own business I’d really like to work on that side of stuff," she explained. "After the show I’d like to set up more clinics. That’s definitely my goal."

Since leaving the villa, Jess and 22 year old project manager Sammy have been almost inseparable – but the couple have insisted they're in no rush to progress their relationship yet.

“It’s just a case of having had an intense two months we don’t want to rush anything," Sammy told fans when the hit series came to an end.

"We want to do some travelling, have some fun together and take things as they come. We’re not going to rush anything, we’re very secure with each other."

Jess added that they’re keen to take a trip to "Far East Asia" and that they’re "not in a rush to get a house" as they’re both only 22 and their only plan right now is to "see the world."

After the duo were awarded their £50k prize, a handful of fans accused ITV of fixing the results, with many believing series-favourite Whitney was more deserving of the top spot.

Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions, as one wrote: "I know the show is a fix but seriously. There is NO WAY they got more votes than Whit & Loc #LoveIsland."

“This is rigged there ain’t no way JESS AND SAMMY beat out Whit and Lochan," another Twitter user raged, while a third seemed to be in disbelief: "Whitney being the UK favourite for six weeks but somehow Sammy and Jess won?"

In the days that followed, the broadcaster released the results, proving that Jess and Sammy really were the public's favourite, receiving 34.57% of the whole vote.

Whitney and Lochan got 26.85%, whilst third place couple Ella Thomas and Tyriqye Hyde were close with 24.21%.

Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble came in fourth place with 14.37% of the public vote.

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