Jill Biden’s New Year’s Day 2021 Tweet Prayed For A Year Of Illumination

The first lady has always played an important role in the White House, particularly when it comes to the holidays. And in a presidential transition, that role is a little extra noteworthy — especially after America’s had to endure such a long and difficult year. In her 2021 New Year’s tweet, Jill Biden shared a heartfelt prayer for the oncoming year to bring healing, courage, and illumination to the country. And honestly, that sounds like something everyone needs right now.

"Let this be a year of healing as we come together stronger," Biden wrote in her Jan. 1 announcement via Twitter. As she moves into the new year, she hopes America can unite with "a new understanding of what it means to be whole." She also highlighted how important it is to be kind, and that doing so takes an immense amount of courage. "Let us dare to pour out our cups in kindness, asking nothing in return," she wrote. Biden also noted that, even though the country is still undergoing hardship amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she hopes for a brighter future. "Let this be a year of illumination," she stated. "In this dark beginning, we [can still] reach toward the light."

As a working English professor with four degrees (including a doctorate), Biden intends to be the first FLOTUS to keep a paying job while serving as first lady. She established herself as a pioneer early on, continuing to work through her eight-year tenure as second lady under President Barack Obama. "I teach because I believe education is the great equalizer," Biden stated in her March 2015 speech during the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Award Ceremony. "I see the power of education to break down barriers, to open students’ eyes to the possibilities around them, and to provide them with opportunity to grow into the people they aspire to be," she added.

The United States has been through a lot within the past year, but Biden’s message shows a sincere hope that the future can take a turn for the better. When it comes to breaking down barriers in 2021, it seems like America can learn a lot from Dr. Jill Biden.

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