Joe Rogan‘s walking back his COVID-19 comments suggesting young, healthy people don’t need to get vaccinated, and he wants to make it clear he’s not a doctor, not an anti-vaxxer … but he IS a “f***ing moron.”

The immensely popular podcast host and UFC commentator addressed the backlash he got this week on Thursday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” saying … “I am not an anti-vaxx person. In fact, I said I believe they are safe and I encourage many people to take them.”

Rogan explained that he felt if you’re a young healthy person, you don’t need it — something widely refuted by experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci — but Joe now concedes what he said was misguided amid the pandemic.

Joe says … “Their argument was you need it for other people. That makes more sense, but that’s a different argument. That’s a different conversation.” He later repeated it makes sense to consider other people’s health and safety.

He went on to blame media “click bait” for blowing the whole thing out of proportion, but added … “I’m not a doctor. I am a f***ing moron. And, I’m a cage-fighting commentator who’s a dirty standup comedian … I’m not a respected source of information even for me.

Rogan concluded … “But, I at least try to be honest about what I am saying.”

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