Joel Dommett reveals hilarious clip of him acting in Casualty when he was 17

Joel Dommett has given fans a glimpse of one of his first acting roles when he was just 17, playing a teenage drive who’d crashed his car in Casualty. 

The host of The Masked Singer, 35, shared a recording of his starring role on the medical drama, telling fans: ‘Joel Dommett in 2002 on Casualty. ENJOY.’

In the clip, 17-year-old Joel can be seen sitting in the back of an ambulance with a bandage on his head while a medic works on his ‘father’ after the crash. 

He can be heard saying: ‘It’s my birthday today. That was my present, the car. I took my test this morning and passed.’

As the paramedic congratulates him for passing, Joel adds: ‘If I’d failed we wouldn’t be here now, would we?

‘My dad, he bought me the car and now I’ve killed him.’

The dramatic scenes were just one of Joel’s many roles as an actor before becoming a comedian and presenter, as he also starred in Skins and many other small roles. 

It’s not the first time Joel has spoken about his turn on Casualty, as he previously revealed how he managed to make his emotional scenes look convincing despite not being able to cry on cue. 

He said on The Danny Baker Show in 2017: ‘Its a very emotional part. You know your dad’s dying, you’ve crashed your car, the insurance premium is going to go up. There’s so much going on.

‘I remember… if you can cry that makes you an actor, and I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t cry.

‘So what I would do, I knew if you yawn your eyes water over a little bit… I swear to God, before every scene I yawned.’

We’ll give it to him – that is a nifty little trick. 

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