John and Gregg ‘found way for it to work’ despite not being best pals

MasterChef duo John Torode and Gregg Wallace might not be the “best of friends”, rarely visiting each other, but the pair are adamant that they’ve discovered the secret to making their unconventional bond work perfectly career wise.

The BBC stars have spent 19 series together, but their feelings for each other have never diminished.

“People are amazed we can be close and not be round at each other’s houses [but] we’ve found a way for it to work for us,” 58-year-old Gregg stated in the pair’s latest joint interview, published in this week’s Radio Times.

They insist that they’re totally real with each other – and John isn’t afraid to admit his co-star’s most exasperating faults.

“Gregg wouldn’t have a clue he has a bad habit, because he thinks everything he does is all right,” John exclaimed.

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“He has no idea he peels off his fingernails then cleans his teeth with his fingernails. He cleans the inside of his ears with a matchstick!”

Meanwhile, the deprecatingly honest star has also insisted he believes Gregg’s jokes are “s***”.

On the plus side, however, the 57-year-old revealed of life on set: “Every now and then, he does come out with something very funny. It makes work joyous!”

Gregg mused of his relationship with his counterpart: “As far as I know, nobody’s written a bestselling pamphlet on how to be a successful TV couple, which is what we are.”

It’s John who is believed to be the “emotional” one, recalling that the show and the reactions of the contestants have brought him to tears on occasion.

“One of the great aspects of the success of MasterChef is that I can have a tear or a laugh without feeling anyone is going to judge me for it,” he explained candidly.

Yet when it comes to his grandmother’s legendary trifle, Gregg lets loose his own achilles heel, and isn’t afraid to shed a tear either.

John is the one who has cravings for sausage rolls, to the extent that he’ll drive for miles to get them and sees the experience as a “day out” – something Gregg admits he never knew until the day of the interview.

It seems there’s always more for the pair, who have been on MasterChef together since 2005, to discover about each other – and even if they might not visit each other socially, their camaraderie on the show is still meaningful to them.

To read the full interview, check out the latest issue of the Radio Times – out now.

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