John Stamos Reveals the Lessons He Hopes to Impart on His Son Billy

John Stamos is opening up about fatherhood and being a role model for his little boy. The 57-year-old star’s son, Billy, turned three over the weekend, and the actor spoke with ET as he reflected on his experience as a first-time dad.

“It’s much harder than I ever thought,” Stamos admitted to ET’s Rachel Smith, while promoting his upcoming series, Big Shot, on Disney+. “I’ve been around kids my whole life, on TV shows [and] my nieces and nephews. I also wanted to be a father, and my wife does most of it, but boy is it a responsibility.”

Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, welcomed their little one in April 2018, just two months after the cute couple tied the knot. 

While Stamos acknowledged the inherent challenges of raising a child, even with a loving support system, the actor explained exactly why he feels it’s such a rewarding experience.

“At the end of the day, you don’t want a trophy and you don’t ‘win,’ you don’t get a ring. But if you do it right, you’ve raised a kid that’s loving enough, that’s smart enough, and that’s caring enough to be a better version of yourself,” Stamos said, getting sweetly emotional. “I get choked up thinking about it.”

In his new series, Big Shot, Stamos gets another opportunity to shape young minds and instill life lessons. He plays a high-profile yet temperamental college basketball coach who ends up losing his job and getting hired to coach the basketball team at an elite all-girls high school.

When asked if playing a basketball coach has gotten him ready to be a coach of sorts for his son in the future, Stamos said he wouldn’t be surprised if Billy ended up being really into sports — even if Stamos himself would prefer a slightly different hobby.

“Well, as much as I try to steer him towards the music room, he loves to go outside and throw balls and hit things,” Stamos shared. 

The actor — who admitted that, in real life, he has “no sports ability” — said that the ultimate lesson he wants to impart on Billy is the importance of effort and commitment.

“At the end of the day, can you look in the mirror and go, ‘I did my best. I did my very best?'” Stamos shared. “I think those are the things I’m gonna be [teaching] to my son. Do your best.”

Stamos’ new sports dramedy, Big Shot, premieres April 16, streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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