JoJo Siwa & GF Reportedly Split – And It's All Because Of Her DWTS Partner!

Dancing with the Stars is notorious for sparking (usually completely baseless) romance rumors… but this time, it may have led to a major breakup!

JoJo Siwa and her girlfriend Kylie Prew have reportedly split after around eight months of dating! And yes, allegedly all because of the Nickelodeon star’s close friendship with her dance partner Jenna Johnson (lower right inset, whose husband Val Chmerkovskiy is facing his own on-set scandal).

Fans online have been speculating about this breakup for weeks now, and it definitely helped their case that neither teenager has posted about the other since last month, at the least. That’s an eternity for the couple that was once seemingly attached at the hip!

Now, an insider is speaking out on the situation, claiming JoJo and Kylie broke up because of the 18-year-old’s bond with her dance pro. Uh oh! While speaking to UK tabloid The Sun on Monday, the source dished:

“They split. Kylie became jealous of the relationship JoJo has fostered with Jenna. JoJo is a mess.”

Jenna’s not totally to blame for the heartbreak, though. The confidant insisted the Dance Moms alum’s “busy” schedule didn’t help either, adding:

“I think JoJo has always been a workhorse, but having a relationship and trying to keep up with a massive star schedule — it’s a challenge.”

No doubt a challenge! And things in the starlet’s life have certainly ramped up ever since signing onto the ABC competition series — not to mention her many other work endeavors which have finally been able to move forward since COVID-19 restrictions lifted. In the last few months, JoJo’s been busy filming a new TV show and prepping for tour, which leaves little room for a GF!

So far, JoJo and her team have not commented on the breakup rumors, but the YouTube personality has left a lot of hints online and in various interviews! Perhaps one of the most obvious signs signaling a breakup came last week when the dancer told People:

“I struggle when anything is new, and I went through something that was new and I have never gone through before. It was tough and it is still tough. I cried about it last night and I’m probably gonna cry about it tonight because I’m 18 and I’m missing a piece of me that is the biggest piece of me, and that’s okay.”

Aww… First heartbreaks are so tough!

Kylie was the actress’ first serious relationship after they formed a friendship while on a cruise ship — and JoJo even publicly came out in January, in the early stages of them dating.  After celebrating every tiny milestone and anniversary in their relationship and even seemingly adopting a puppy together, things have gone dark. Siwa’s IG page is now filled with DWTS content — which is typical for a contestant but her captions tell a slightly different story.

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Last week, the Boomerang singer captioned a behind-the-scenes photo with Jenna, reflecting:

“Somehow I’ve smiled the most ever this week, while also setting my crying record. Being on @dancingabc with @jennajohnson has been more than a dream come true. It’s unexplainable the joy and happiness that I feel while on set.”

She also noted a few days prior:

“This has been a WEEK. My brain has never been so overwhelmed/overloaded with not only work but also personal life.”



A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa)

Regardless of potential jealousy being the reason the duo split, Siwa’s made no effort to downplay her friendship with her dance partner. Instead, she’s talked about it more — which we bet Kylie hasn’t appreciated. For her part, the high school senior has also shared cryptic IG Story messages, including a quote earlier this week that read:

“Love yourself a little extra right now. You’re evolving, learning, healing, growing and discovering yourself all at once.”

She captioned the upload:

“You got this :)”

Kylie has also been MIA at DWTS live shows for weeks now, too. So something is definitely up with these two! Whether it’s a fully-fledged split or just a break, it’s sad to see things may have come to an end like this.

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