Ashley Banjo – brother of I’m A Celeb contestant Jordan – insisted in an exclusive interview with that he was scarcely told anything at all about the All-Stars show, as the star held back on revealing the “tough moments” he’d experienced behind the scenes.

“He said it was hard and that there were some tough moments, but he hasn’t really gone into too much detail,” the Diversity dancer mused.

“He actually kept a lot of stuff out of the conversation. He said to me that he was proud of how he did, but also didn’t let me in too deep into how it went.”

The star, who has just launched a brand new casual wear clothing line with high street brand Peacocks, reiterated: “He kept a lot of things back.

“He would say things to me like: ‘Do you wanna know [from me], or do you wanna watch?’ and I would say, ‘Let me watch, let me watch!'”

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One memorable moment that Jordan did share was his camaraderie with longtime friend Carol Vorderman, who affectionately calls him her “jungle son”.

“Carol’s been a family friend for a while now and Jordan also knows Carol from the last time they were in the jungle,” Ashley explained, adding that he too “loves” the Countdown maths whizz “to bits”.

Meanwhile, Ashley also opened up on his new clothing range, which is billed as menswear, but is actually open to everyone.

Declaring the line as “unisex”, he says that two female co-stars opted to wear items from it in a recent shoot and blew his mind with how they remodelled it “in a completely different way”.

“Traditionally, it’s menswear, isn’t it? But at the same time, I’ve seen that a couple of the girls from Diversity did a great shoot in it,” he explained.

The former Britain’s Got Talent winner continued: “It doesn’t matter [if you’re] tall, small, girl, guy, young, old, whatever. You can just rock things like this how you see fit. That’s what’s sometimes really nice about simple items.”

He added: “To be honest, I think all clothes are unisex. I think that like, it’s just about what your style is and what your character thing is about you.”

Musing that many people want to “experiment” with clothing freedom, he argued: “I don’t see why the placement of a stitch or the style or colour of an item of clothing should generally make it just for men or just for women or whatever. I think all clothes are unisex.”

Meanwhile, although he revealed that there was “absolutely no” chance he’d ever appear on I’m A Celebrity himself, as his personality is “very different” from his brother’s, he’d still have loved to have picked an outfit from his line to kit him out in the jungle.

Ashley Banjo: Approved is available online and in over 340 Peacocks stores nationwide.

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