Josh Duggar is free on bond and preparing for a trial on July 6.

We very likely won’t be hearing from the former reality star any time soon.

However, we’ve now heard from someone very close to the alleged pornography addict — and we mean this literally.

We’ve heard from someone who suddenly finds himself stuck living very close to Josh Duggar.

As you’ve likely read about by now, Duggar has been banned from living in his own home because all six of his kids are minors.

The 33-year old is accused of downloading photos and videos of children as young as five, having allegedly done so from his place of work in May 2019.

He can spend time with his children, but only in the presence of a court-approved third party.

At a hearing in early May, a judge gave her approval to Josh residing for the next couple months with LaCount and Maria Reber, close friends of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar… who are doing these polarizing parents a rather enormous solid.

But while a judge approved of this temporary housing situation… and while the Rebers are obviously on board with it… what about the Rebers’ neighbors?

In the figurative blink of an eye, a number of families find themselves living in proximity to someone who admitted back in 2015 that he had a porn addiction.

He also confessed to molesting his own sisters when he was a teenager, a disgusting act that would give any mother or father pause.

Take Jason Gemeiner, for example.

He lives behind the Rebers’ property and he spoke to the Sun this week about the unexpected situation in which he finds himself.

“I’m a little concerned, but there is not much I can do about it,” Jason told this publication.

“I have a teen daughter so that’s my concern, but she’s a strong girl! We’re spread apart. There is a horse pasture in between us. It’s not like we interact.

“Everyone keeps to themselves.”

Gemeiner did add that the Rebers are “nice people.”

But it’s not them he’s concerned about, of course.

“They told us Josh is staying with them. I found out before they told us, but I appreciated them telling us,” he also said.

Josh had been residing for years with his immediate family in a warehouse on his parents’ land, meaning this four-bedroom, three-bathroom abode is technically an upgrade.

His presence in the area is a major downgrade to his fellow Arkansas resiidents, though.

“Everyone I’ve talked to feels disgusted by this but yet they aren’t surprised,” one anonymous person previously told The Sun about what Duggar is accused of having done.

“As a mass majority of residents here, he disgusts me,” added another Arkansan who will now be forced to live in close proximity to Josh, and who used this apt metaphor:

“You can’t be surprised when a skunk actually makes you smell bad.”

These same residents can’t believe Josh is even out of jail.

“He is definitely a danger and he should not have been released,” said the first neighbor. “It’s ridiculous he got released from jail.”

The critiques only grew harsher from there, as one person after another expressed shock and disgust over someone who admitted to cheating on his wife and inappropriately touching young girls…

… even before this latest arrest.

“Child molesters, I feel, deserve capital punishment. I think he should go to jail for the rest of his life. He’s sick,” said another individual.

“People like him don’t change.

“It always feels good to get an alleged child molester off the street and the longer the better.”

If convicted on both charges for which he was arrested, Josh Duggar faces 40 years in federal prison.

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