Joshua Bassett Teases New Original Song He Wrote for Final Season of ‘HSMTMTS’

Joshua Bassett is opening up about writing another original song for the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series soundtrack, which will appear in the final season.

The 22-year-old actor and musician is no stranger to helping write songs for the show.

He’s also written or co-written “Just For a Moment” for season one, “The Perfect Gift” for the Holiday Special and “Finally Free” for season three.

His latest tune for the show is “Speak Out,” and it’s another duet, this time with someone maybe unexpected – EJ, played by Matt Cornett.

See what Joshua teased about the song inside…

Co-written with Tova Litvin and Doug Rockwell, “Speak Out” is “about being able to say the things you were always afraid to say,” Joshua told EW. He also shared that the title changed a couple of times.

“As men in particular, it’s very rare that it’s encouraged for us to speak up,” he continues. “Most men swallow their feelings and their words, and so it’s saying, ‘I’m done holding back, I’m done filtering myself or being afraid to be vulnerable.’”

While the song talks about mental health, Joshua said that it actually moved some of the male crew members.

“Some of the older male crew members actually came up to us when we were shooting it, saying how impacted they were by the scenes that we did and by that song,” the singer/actor told EW. “Men have had a lot of things given to them absolutely, and in history, but I think a lot of times that’s the last thing that people think about, men’s mental health. It’s cool that we’re able to talk about that amongst all the other wonderful topics that we do get to talk about in the show, and it was cool to see how it impacted some of the guys in our cast and in our crew.”

Check out a sneak peek at “Speak Out” right here and be sure to check out the full scene when HSMTMTS debuts it’s final season TONIGHT (August 9) at midnight PT!


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