Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith have a very unique — and beautiful — love story!

We already knew that their romance began with a one-night stand before blossoming into the partnership they enjoy today. But the Dawson’s Creek alum revealed another aspect of their journey that sets them apart from the traditional man-getting-down-on-one-knee marriage proposal.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon asked if the actor knew that he was “destined” to marry his current wife. He responded:

“I knew the moment she asked me.”

Off the comedian’s surprise, the 43-year-old went on:

“She asked me, yeah, on New Year’s Eve. We were in Nicaragua. It was very beautiful, incredibly romantic. We were walking down the beach, and she asked me to marry her.”

He clarified that the proposal wasn’t totally out of the blue — “there was a lead-up to it” — but he hadn’t seen it coming:

“I did not know, but she was quite adamant, and she was right. This is the best choice I ever made.”

Aww. So sweet!

But the father of one apparently left out one very important aspect of the romantic moment, which his wife teased on Twitter after the interview aired:

“what about the magic mushrooms @VancityJax?”

WOW! We’d love to hear more about that little detail. Definitely sounds like one of the most unique celeb proposals we’ve ever heard of!

Ch-ch-check out Josh’s full appearance on Fallon (below):

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