Kanye West will almost certainly be in the building when Kim Kardashian hosts ‘SNL’ and we’re guessing we’ll see his mug and maybe hear his voice during the show, but before the show Ye had a chitchat over coffee with one Michael Cohen.

Kanye and Cohen were spotted at an Upper East Side coffee shop Friday, according to Page Six.

It’s interesting for a couple reasons. First, Cohen — who was famously Donald Trump‘s fixer — has turned on Trump in a big way.  Ye’s feelings, on the other hand, are not as clear.  As you know, Kanye loved sporting his MAGA hat and visited Trump in the Oval back in the day.

The other interesting thing … Cohen is under house arrest after serving time for tax fraud and lying to Congress.  He got in hot water a while back after dining at a fancy French restaurant without getting permission from the Bureau of Prisons, and it’s unclear whether this meeting was approved or whether provisions have been made so Cohen can venture out.

As for Kim … she’s been pulling 20 hour days rehearsing for the big show.  That sounds nuts, but it’s true.  She’s been getting to the studio at around 5 AM and staying until 3 AM the next day.

As we reported, she’s getting tips from huge names in comedy, including Chapelle, DeGeneres, Corden and Schumer (not Chuck).

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