Karen Hauer questioned on reverting back to first husband’s name after Kevin Clifton split

Karen Hauer discusses reverting back to first husband’s name

Karen Hauer has been a part of Strictly Come Dancing since 2012, when she danced alongside Westlife’s Nicky Byrne. During her time in the show, she has gone by both Karen Hauer and Karen Clifton, after marrying former BBC co-star Kevin Clifton. She has now opened up on why she changed her name back to Hauer – her first husband’s surname.

The Venezuelan dancer and Kevin appeared alongside each other for the first time in 2013, when he joined the show.

After hitting it off, they later started dating and in 2015 the Strictly couple tied the knot during a ceremony held at One Great George Street in Westminster. 

Three years later Karen and Kevin announced they had gone their separate ways.

However, Kevin is not Karen’s only marriage, as she was previously married to her former dance partner Matthew Hauer.

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Amid her split with Kevin, Karen changed her last name back to Hauer.

Karen has since opened up on her maiden name before her marriages, while appearing on her Strictly partner Jamie Laing’s podcast Private Parts.

As he welcomed her to the interview, he tried to pronounce Karen’s full name.

He began: “We are still here with Karen Vanessa Kardonez…”

Karen interrupted: “You always do this,” after Jamie mixed up the order of her name.

He continued: “Karen Vanessa Girez Kardenez Andreas.”

She added: “And then I have Clifton Hauer, but you know I got rid of one of them.”

The 2020 Strictly star then went on to talk of Karen’s two previous marriages to his co-host Francis Boulle, saying: “You know Frances that Karen has been married twice.”

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“Karen interjected: “Apparently, I like being married.”

Jamie also pointed out how she still goes by her first husband’s last name Hauer.

He explained: “The best thing about Goose [his nickname for Karen] is that she got married twice and then she thought, f**k it I’m going to keep my first husband’s name.”

Karen then joked: “Imagine someone saying, ‘So dancing next is Karen Vanessa Girez Kardenez Andreas with Jamie Laing…’ No.

“But even sometimes people go Karen Hoour, Karen Hewer, Karen Haiwer and I’m like it’s Hauer.”

Talking of why she reverted back after her split with Kevin, she said: “Well I kept my first husband’s last name and then when I married my second husband I changed my name – oh that sounds awful.

“Then when I married Mr Clifton I changed the name for when I was on the show [Strictly] and then once we got separated I went back to Hauer.

“So every other year I just change my name. Who’s name is it going to be next?”

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