Katheryn Winnick age: How old is the Vikings star?

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Katheryn Winnick is known to many for her iconic role as Lagertha in the popular Amazon Prime hit series Vikings. On the show, she became a well-loved member of the cast over its six seasons. But what is known of the actress’s life away from the screen?

How old is the Vikings star?

Katheryn Winnick is 43-years-old having celebrated her birthday last month.

She has been a part of the popular historical drama series Vikings since the show first aired in 2013.

The actress has previously spoken of her similarities to Lagertha on-screen, saying: “Like her, I refuse to play second fiddle.

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“She won’t sit at home and take care of the kids while he goes out to explore. No way – she goes out and fights.”

Katheryn added: “Lagertha is strong, but she also has faults…what I love about Lagertha is that she has conflicts and flaws and she questions things… she’s not just a strong vixen.”

In the later seasons of the show, to mimic the ageing of the characters, many of the show’s cast had to wear prosthetics.

Talking of her characters ageing on the show, Katheryn admitted the special effects process took more than two hours.

Katheryn said: “It was a bit challenging because we wanted to age her, so I actually went through two-and-a-half hours of prosthetics before every shoot.

“We ended up doing latex on the eyes and the neck to be able to show the progress of age. Hey, she’s a granny now.”

Throughout the shows six seasons, she became a fan favourite alongside her co-stars Travis Fimmel (Ragnar) and Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki).

Amid the sixth series having been confirmed as the last, Katheryn took to Instagram to pay tribute to her iconic role as Lagertha, saying: “Oh, what a journey it has been!

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“In honor of our Final season of Vikings, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite behind the scenes moments.

“Thank you to all our amazing fans who have been there with us throughout the years, and now seeing us off to Valhalla. Love you all![sic]”

Since leaving her role on Vikings, Katheryn has appeared in American drama series Big Sky.

On the show, her character Jenny Hoyt joins forces with private detectives as they search for missing two sisters who have been kidnapped.

Having become known for her role on Vikings, Katheryn admitted it was “daunting” starting on a new show.

The actress told Collider: “Coming off of a show, after six seasons and playing such an iconic, formidable character like Lagertha, to dive into a new TV series and a new character with Jenny Hoyt was daunting and a little nerve-wracking.

“Also, it’s because you don’t know what you’re gonna get. Lagertha was based on a true character and I had an idea where I was gonna go with her, just in terms of knowing that she became a queen and a warrior. On this show, it’s really per episode.

“You’re making hopefully strong, bold choices that will pay off as the series goes on, as you get new scripts, and as you uncover and discover more about who you really are as a character.”

Vikings is streaming on Amazon Prime now

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