‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Kathy Hilton claims everything is good between her and her sister Kyle Richards after their massive drama following the show’s reunion taping … but her social media activity might tell a different story.

Kathy was at the Beverly Hilton Saturday night, attending the Carousel of Hope Ball with her husband, Rick, and while fans were jumping at the opportunity to snap a pic, the tension between her and her sister was on other people’s minds.

She’s asked if everything’s okay with Kyle — Kathy quickly replies, “Yeah that’s my sister, I love her.”

Looks like a sign they might be working the drama out, but their comments online paint a different picture — one where Kathy asks why her sis is crying, calling it “cruel and disgusting.” Kyle coldly responded, “I don’t think you want me to explain why.”

As we reported, production sources told us the 2 are hardly on speaking terms after last month’s reunion taping … with only a few texts exchanged between them since.

Fans of the show know things got super intense recently when Lisa Rinna went after Kathy like a heat-seeking missile, calling her out for badmouthing the entire cast, including Kyle and her family.

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