Katie Piper admits lockdown made her excited for another baby but husband Richard isn’t keen

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We may all be living under strict coronavirus measures and many of us haven’t seen our loved ones at Christmas, but one person who isn’t getting bogged down in negativity is Katie Piper. Keen to see the positives, she tells us that she knows how lucky she is, saying, “I’m never going to moan about it.”

Katie, 37, has regular procedures to aid her recovery from an acid attack when she was 24, orchestrated by a toxic ex-boyfriend. But the podcaster, presenter and author is keen to focus on the future and is excited about her new fragrance, candle and diffuser range with Superdrug.

Here, Katie, who’s married to carpenter Richard Sutton and is mum to Belle, six, and Penelope, three, tells us why she’s adamant that her kids grow up knowing how fortunate they are.

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Hi Katie! How was your Christmas?

We were quite chilled because you couldn’t really make plans. We hoped to spend it with as many family members as we could, but it wasn’t possible.

Do your daughters know you’re famous?

They know what I do for my job, but they’re too young to understand how privileged they are. There’s a toy bank at the local garden centre and we’ve got so many toys and products [that Katie has been sent] in the garage, so I told them we had to take it to the toy bank to give to other children. When they asked why, I explained that the life they live is not normal. People do not get sent brand new LOL dolls throughout the year! It’s hard to make them realise that they’re really fortunate.

You’ve said you’d like another child, but your husband isn’t keen…

Well, we’re quite old now and we’ve got past the nappies stage and they’re toilet trained and they can eat themselves and stuff like that. So I think he just wouldn’t really want to go back to the beginning stage. You know over lockdown how loads of people bought puppies? I was like, “We could have another baby! I’m at home so I could breastfeed on Zoom and it’d be great!” But then the world will go back to normal in spring and I’d be like, “Oh no, I’m eight months pregnant! That wasn’t a good idea.”

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So it definitely won’t happen?

Life has taught me to never be final or definite about anything. None of us know what’s going to happen in life!

Would you care if you had another girl or would you want a boy?

If I was to have a child, the only things that I’d think about are health and logistics.

It was your five-year wedding anniversary recently. How did you celebrate?

I had these big plans of wearing high heels and a dress and actually I was too bloated and my dress wouldn’t do up so I scrapped that! So we just kept our casual clothes on, but we home-cooked a curry and naan bread from scratch and put the kids to bed early and then we had a proper sit-down meal with a tablecloth. To be honest we might have done that anyway if there wasn’t a pandemic because we don’t go out that much. We have to get babysitters and my youngest daughter still wakes up at half six, so we’re not big ‘going out’ people anyway.

Do all your clothes feel a bit tighter at the moment?

They do, but I feel like, for once, we’re all OK with it. Sometimes I think, “I just want a nice biscuit because that will make me feel better.” Anything that makes me feel better is fine at the moment!

Did you feel down about the second lockdown?

No. The first time it was thrust upon us, but it’s not an alien thing now. And as a parent, it was so different the second time because the schools were open. There’s no comparison to what it was like the first time. For me, the age gap between mine – they’re six and three – you know… I was sat with my older daughter trying to do French and science and my three-year-old was trying to chew the laptop wire! So it was very different second time round.

That sounds like a nightmare!

Well, I’m never going to moan about it because I carried on volunteering with my charity over the lockdown and there were people in really desperate situations. I just think, “I’ve got a garden, I didn’t get sick – who am I to moan?”

Are you still working on Songs Of Praise?

Yeah, that’s a new gig for me and one that was a real bucket-list moment. I grew up watching
the show. I’ve talked about my faith before in my autobiography, but it’s never been picked up by people.

Do you go to church regularly?

I used to. In my recovery I went twice a week. I went to the Sunday service and an evening group and then I did the Alpha course and then when I got married and had children I had less time. But in lockdown our local church went on Zoom and the way that so many people worship has changed.

Covid has changed the way we do a lot of things…

You’re so right. As a woman, I can work from home and put a wash on
and do jobs, tidy up, get the dinner ready and do the school run and I don’t feel like I’ve had to sacrifice my job. Sadly, that wasn’t the world for women a year ago.

Can you tell us about your new fragrance range with Superdrug?

I used to be a beauty therapist and aromatherapist years ago, so it was really great to work on a project that was nothing to do with my attack and actually something I’m passionate about. But I still wanted to deliver the same message that I do through my podcast and books, so the day fragrance is called Confidence By Day and the evening one is called Confidence By Night. There’s also a reed diffuser and a candle, so this is a chance to treat yourself or buy a gift for others. It was really good to work with Superdrug as they agreed that 5% of the profits could go to my foundation.

Katie Piper’s range is available exclusively to Superdrug in stores and online

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