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Katie Price has revealed she plans to have weight-loss surgery ahead of undergoing IVF.

It comes after Katie and fiance Carl Woods shared plans to start fertility treatment so they could welcome their first child together.

During today’s episode of Steph’s Packed Lunch, Katie, 43, told host Steph McGovern: “I have tried so much to lose weight. I do want a baby and obviously we’re doing IVF so we’re doing the protocols with that.”

She continued: “But I just want to shift some weight before I do it so I am going to have surgery.”

When Steph asked Katie why she wanted to have a procedure, telling her “you’re not big”, Katie told her it’s something that she desperately wants to do as she has noticed the change in her body.

The mum-of-five explained: “For me I am. I’m normally 54kg and now I’m about 68, and that is a lot for me.”

Katie continued: “I notice it in my clothes and just for myself, I’m just going to have to do it quick, just get it sucked out.”

And when Steph challenged Katie further, asking her if she’ll ever stop getting surgery, former glamour model Katie responded: “When I come back in September after the summer, I might have a new face as well!”

This comes after Katie and Carl unveiled their plans to have IVF, with Katie admitting she was putting herself through the gruelling treatment as she wanted her terminally ill mum Amy to see her have a sixth child.

Speaking about their plans to expand their brood, Katie said: “We’re going to call the baby Miracle.”

“I’m doing this for my mum. She told me to have IVF so she can see us have kids. It will break my heart if she can’t.”

Elsewhere on Steph’s Packed Lunch, Katie also spoke out on how her parenting has come under fire over the years.

Addressing the criticism she’s received because of being in the public eye, the former I’m a Celebrity contestant said there’s no such thing as a “perfect parent” but that she’s trying her best just like everyone else.

Katie explained: “I’m definitely no Mary Poppins… There’s no perfect parent, you just do what you do.”

“I’m sick to death of trying to justify everything about my life, I am what I am. We all bring up our kids differently and I’m happy with the way I bring up my kids.”

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays at 12.30pm on Channel 4

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