Keke Palmer Says Being a Mom Gives Her a ‘Sense Freedom’ Despite Being Shamed by BF Over Her Outfit

The 29-year-old ‘Nope’ actress, who shares 4-month-old son Leo with boyfriend Darius Jackson, talks about motherhood during her Keke Palmer: ‘Big Boss: Empowering Yourself to Create the Life You Want’ event.

AceShowbizKeke Palmer loves her motherhood journey. Although her boyfriend Darius Jackson attempted to restrict her fashion choice after they welcomed their first child together, the “Nope” actress said being a mom gives her “a sense of freedom” instead.

The 29-year-old made her comment during her Keke Palmer: “Big Boss: Empowering Yourself to Create the Life You Want” event. When taking the stage at the Howard Theatre on Thursday, July 13, she said, “I was really always preoccupied on the low key of my body and then after I had a baby, it kind of freed me in a way where I just didn’t care as much and so the fact that I didn’t care.”

“It made me just have an ease and a comfortability and a love for myself in a way that I didn’t have before,” she added. “And it just gave me a sense of freedom that I can’t describe, where I’m not afraid, because it’s like, this is what I have, this is who I am.”

Keke went on to gush, “I never would have imagined that my son would have given me such a deep confidence and empowerment to just really be like, ‘Yo, we about to do this.’ ” She then raved, “And it made me feel so strong because after having a baby you are kind of beat down a little bit… But with the love that I feel at home I just say, ‘girl, we about to make this work.’ It transformed me into someone else.”

Keke said she loves being a mother so much that she’s “probably going to have about 12 kids.” The “Hustlers” star explained, “It’s so exceptional… I mean, for anybody that doesn’t want it your life is fabulous if that’s not what you want and if you do want it, get ready for a ride because it is a blessing beyond a blessing. I’m probably going to have about 12 kids, don’t play with it now.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with The Cut, Keke got candid about why she decided to flaunt her postpartum body. “It’s like, that’s not something to hide, that’s something to embrace. We’re going to lean into this new body,” she shared.

“That is the whole aura of what’s happening with me in this big boss era as I come into my 30s and I have my baby boy,” Keke, who shares 4-month-old son Leo with Darius, continued elaborating. “I’m just continuing to spread my wings as a young woman.”

Darius himself was under fire after he tweeted his reaction to a video of Keke’s interaction with Usher on stage at the latter’s residency show in Las Vegas. At the time, Keke was wearing a black thong bodysuit under a black see-through dress, prompting Darius to tweet, “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom.”

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