Kelly Clarkson's Alleged Trespasser Returns to Home After Restraining Order

Kelly Clarkson got a restraining order against a woman who allegedly kept showing up at her doorstep — but even after a judge signed off … Kelly claims the lady won’t stop coming around.

The singer’s team filed new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, which claim that a woman by the name of Huguette Nicole Young has deliberately driven by KC’s Los Angeles-area home at least once this week … this after a TRO was granted last week to keep her ass away.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelly’s head of security, Michael Lopez, says the team noticed Young’s car — which had previously been seen and identified by them from her past visits — cruise by Kelly’s property very early on Tuesday morning at around 1:45 AM.

kelly camera

Lopez even uploaded surveillance camera footage of what he says is Young’s vehicle creeping across Kelly’s driveway in the dead of night.

Remember, Kelly just successfully got a judge to sign off on a court-ordered temporary restraining order — saying Young has been to her home nearly 20 times over 5 years.

Kelly’s security team claimed Young has left gifts and other items at her front gate, and has been captured multiple times on surveillance.

There’s more … one of Kelly’s former backup singers filed an additional declaration claiming that Young has actually been dogging Kelly around the country dating back to 2009. The singer says Young started writing letters and fan mail around that time.

BTW … this is the first of two alleged stalkers that Kelly says she’s dealing with right now. You’ll recall — she just got a separate restraining order against another dude — who showed up at her home in a semitruck Monday.

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