Kelsey Parker revealed she struggles to listen to The Wanted's incredibly poignant and "sad" hit song Gold Forever since the death of her husband and lead singer Tom Parker.

The TV star opened up on her grief after Tom sadly died of a brain tumour at the age of 33, in a new documentary series called Life After Tom on ITVBE.

Kelsey, who shares children Aurelia, three, and Bodhi, two, with her late husband, was being filmed opening gifts from the public when she became visibly emotional to discover that one box contained a poignant tribute to the band's track.

The Wanted even performed the song at the Stand Up To Cancer concert, but Kelsey revealed she'd never realised before just how devastating the lyrics were.

As she opened three sets of framed records, the mum-of-two began reading a thoughtful card.

Starting to well up, the star told the cameras she "couldn't read that out loud," as it was too emotional.

Reflecting on how difficult it is to cope with the poignant meaning behind her husband's music now he's gone, she told viewers: "It's a really sad song isn't it.

"'Say my name like it's the last time. Live today like it's the last night.' And he opens the song with that.

"I've never ever realised it before, but then once he's died I recognised it. I actually can't believe the pain in the lyrics that Tom sings," Kelsey went on.

"And that's really hit me and now I think that I struggle to listen to his music even more."

The special memorial frames also showed how Tom and his band achieved an incredible milestone with Gold Forever, as the song sold 5 million copies.

Smiling at the prospect of her beloved partner hearing that news, she laughed: "He would be absolutely buzzing. That is a Tom line, absolutely buzzing."

While the memory hurt, the brave mum was pleased her children would have another memory to celebrate their daddy as time goes on.

Wiping away the tears, Kelsey said: "How nice, I'll package them back up and put them in the loft. The kids will be able to, when they fly the nest, take them with them."

The TV favourite also recognised how lucky she and her family are to be able to have so many more memories ingrained into public society than other families do.

"It's not the norm is it, when other people die, kids don't get things like that to be able to… they don't get a record that says that their dad sold 5 million copies of something.

Becoming emotional once more, the star admitted it was difficult to accept people "feel sorry" for her and their children, particularly because she's determined to "celebrate" Tom, his life and legacy.

"And anyway it's not that they feel sorry for us, that's the wrong word isn't it. They're heartbroken for us, for our loss," Kelsey added.

The star said she'd chosen to film the new documentary because she believed it was important for the public to be able to share in her grief and just as they had hers and Tom's journey throughout his illness.

"I think we have such a negative view of grief in this country," Kelsey added, as she shared her aim to change that and give people hope.

Tom sadly lost his battle with brain cancer after he was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma in October 2020.

At the time, the singer was given just 12 months to live by doctors, but he fought for more time and underwent experimental treatment to prolong his life right until the end.


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