So sad…

Keyshia Cole’s biological mother Frankie Lons died Sunday due to an overdose while celebrating her birthday at her Oakland home, according to the singer’s brother, Sam, who spoke with TMZ. She was 61 years old.

As fans will recall, Keyshia was given up for adoption as a child by Frankie and her biological father Virgil Hunter. She only reconnected with her birth family after making a name for herself in the music industry, going on to feature her mother in a variety of reality TV shows, including Keyshia Cole: My New Life. These cameos focused on Frankie’s long and challenging journey to sobriety, the very same addiction which has sadly taken her life now.

Due to the very public documentation of their relationship, many around the world are mourning this sudden passing. Taking to Twitter, fans shared their condolences, expressing:

“Keyshia Cole’s mama was reality tv gold. RIP Frankie”

“RIP to Frankie… a cultural ICON! We’re blessed Keyshia was able to share her with us on her show.”

“We witnessed Keyshia Cole and her family doing everything they could for their mom. So sad to hear she passed away”

“Addiction is real. I feel so awful for Frankie and her family.”

The vocalist has yet to comment on this heartbreaking loss. We’re sending our love to all those grieving Frankie’s death. R.I.P.

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