Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Receive Public Apology From TikTok User After Sending Cease & Desist Letter

Okay, we may have given TikTok users too much power… and now they’re taking things too far!

For instance, Ava Louise managed to get the whole internet talking about a possible secret affair between Kanye West and Jeffree Star, claiming that was the real reason behind the divorce. Days after dropping that bombshell onto social media, she admitted to lying about the whole thing.

Ava posted a voice memo of herself saying:

“I made this entire scandal up, there is literally not one bit of truth to anything I have said, I just tricked the entire world into talking about me again because I was on a lot of adderall and bored.”

Well, there you have it!

Jeffree had already shut down the nonsense rumors, but not before Ava had looped her friend and fellow beauty vlogger Cole Carrigan into the scam. After the 22-year-old connected Cole to Kanye on a podcast, the beauty YouTuber posted his own dubious receipts on TikTok. These included alleged texts between himself and ‘Ye’s former bodyguard and an apparent DM between himself and the rapper. (Commenters pointed out that the Ultralight Beam artist’s IG was deactivated at the time of the supposed DM.)

Shortly after his postings, Cole received a cease and desist notice from the Yeezy founder’s ex-bodyguard Steve Stanulis. Cole posted a TikTok featuring the letter, sharing:

“Okay, since I already stirred the pot more than it already was for absolutely no reason, here’s a lawsuit from the bodyguard for leaking personal information. It says right here in order to for me to stay out of court and not get sued, I have to issue an apology to Mr. West and Kim Kardashian West. So hi, Kim, if you’re watching this, I am so sorry, I honestly did this for the simple fact that your husband voted for Trump, and we simply can’t have that clownery in America, so you’re welcome.”

Yeah, we’re not really on board with making up a whole affair as some sort of noble endeavor. More likely the main reason was to gain clout — which he admitted in the comments.

The video continued:

“Second of all, I hope this doesn’t ruin the chances of me getting on the KKW p.r. list, because I’ve been dying for those contour sticks. Third of all, we all know Kris Jenner purposely leaked this divorce information to every news article three days before the last day of filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Again, seems like a random deflection from lying about the whole story, but maybe Cole thinks if Kris can (allegedly) use her family’s true drama to create PR, he’s allowed to do the same with fake drama.

BTW, Ava also apparently received a cease and desist “from Kris Jenner” requiring her to apologize to Kim, which she said she would do by “spending all $20,000 made off of this scandal on SKIMS.”

Yeesh. All this clout chasing has reached scary new proportions.

Cole is no stranger to scandal as he made headlines after coming forward with a supposed friend’s rape allegations against ACE Family‘s Austin McBroom. He was hit back with a lawsuit at the time. You can also read about his involvement in the Cameron Dallas “homophobic” drama HERE.

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is everything fair game online? Or have these guys taken it too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below).

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