Kody Brown Trashes Janelle as “Lazy,” Gets Destroyed by Sister Wives Fans

Sister Wives viewers are aghast right about now.

They’re appalled.

And they’re disgusted by the behavior of Kody Brown.

All for good reasoon, too… we just hope they aren’t surprised.

Because what else do folks expect from Kody other than him being a selfish A-hole who gives nary an iota of thought to the needs, opinions and desirres of his four sister wives?

The latest instance of Kody drawing the ire of TLC viewers comes from a new preview released by the cable network; one in which we get a glimpse ahead at episodes that features the Browns dealing with COVID-19.

It’s important to remember that these installments were filmed many months ago.

And also important to remember, of course, how challenging this pandemic has been for millions of people — especially early on, when they really didn’t know what to expect or how to react.

“I want everybody to feel like they’ve got a choice,” Kody says in the footage, referring to how he splits up his time among households.

“But what they’re literally doing is they’re choosing whether or not they’re going to have a physical relationship with me or not.”

At one point, Christine explains that she will “not be following the same rules that Robyn is following,” as she “already made plans” to go out and do stuff … despite the lockdown.

Janelle then chimes in on the difficult subject, telling the camera of remaining in isolation: “I can’t go all summer doing this,”

Kody has no sympathy for this spouse, however.

“She doesn’t want to hear the facts. She doesn’t want to hear it,” he complains of Janelle. “Frankly, I think Janelle is lazy about an ounce of prevention.”

Janelle then added that her kids would rather go to Christine’s house to hang out with their siblings than see their dad, who made it clear last spring that he wouldn’t be traveling between households due to the risk of spreading the virus.

“I think Janelle is full of s–t, and this is why she’s full of s–t. Because the kids aren’t seeing each other all the time anyway,” Kody railed in a confessional, prompting a rare clapback by Janelle:

“If he wants to throw the whole family under the bus that’s fine.”

Kody, though, comes across in this teaser as rather responsible.

And cruel.

“She doesn’t want me coming down hard on her children, for their lack of observation of the coronavirus protocols,” he says, turning to Janelle and pointing two fingers in her face.

“You make your choice.

“My choice is going to be whatever I think is going to make it so I don’t live with a life of regret for some SCREW-UP in a three-month time period versus the thirty years of the rest of our lives.”

Sadly, of course, this period of time has lasted a lot longer than three months.

Also sadly… this was yet another example of Kody dismissing one of his wives and her viewpoint entirely.

“How are they all still married to this guy!” one Reddit user wrote in complete shock, while a second noted:

“Each season Kody gets way more mean to his wives.”

That’s for certain.

“I hate how he treats his first wife!” another person added, referencing Kody’s strained relationship with Meri, who for some reason refuses to leave the loser.

Then, there was this person with this idea

“I think the Sister Wives should look for a new husband. This one is not working.”

HA! How awesome would that be?!?

The thing is, polygamy, at its core, is sexist and horrible.

It’s nearly impossible to be the husband at the center of a plural marriage and actually care about the needs of your spouses; by definition, almost, they will always be inferior to the man in these relationships.

They will also be miserable.

If this season of Sister Wives has taught us anything, it’s that everyone involved is very unhappy.

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