Kylie Jenner became a mom in 2018 to her daughter, Stormi. Since then, onlookers have been able to see Jenner’s parenting style in action.

Surprisingly, before having a child, Jenner thought she would raise her kids in a totally different way than how she is raising Stormi now.

Kylie Jenner is expecting baby no. 2

Stormi was born in 2018 to Jenner and her on-and-off boyfriend Travis Scott. 

In August 2021, Jenner announced she and Scott are expecting a second baby. While Jenner famously hid her first pregnancy from the world, she has been very open about her second one. She even shared a video on Instagram with clips of her getting an ultrasound and telling her mother, Kris Jenner, about the pregnancy.

A source told E! News, “Everyone in the family is so excited and they all are helping Kylie prep. She basically is already set and is using a lot of what she has.”

Fans are no doubt also excited to see how Jenner’s life would change with a new bundle of joy.

Kylie Jenner once said she would raise kids on a farm

Being a parent is different than simply thinking about it, and it seems Jenner understands this. Back in 2017, Jenner shared on her show Life of Kylie that she wanted to raise her kids away from the entertainment industry. However, that prediction has not come to pass.

“Everything in my life is really great and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, but I do get lost,” she said, “Like, what do I really want? What I really want is to live on a farm and have chickens and raise animals and have a family.”

She also added, “One day I just want to move to a farm and live the farm life. I want to wake up and get my eggs from my chickens and ride my horses. No paparazzi. The farm for me represents privacy and the way I want to raise a family. It just seems peaceful and I want my kids to grow up on horses and for me to have responsibility and garden. That would be a dream and I would love to do that.”

The reality is that Jenner is still living in the limelight. She continues to post on social media and using her popularity to launch new businesses, such as Kylie Swim and Kylie Baby.

Many fans criticize Kylie Jenner for putting the spotlight on her daughter

Jenner has talked about the negative effects of being famous at a young age—she was only 9 when Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered and propelled her family to international stardom. However, fans do not see how Jenner is protecting Stormi from these same problems.

For example, fans recently chastised Jenner for bringing Stormi out in front of the paparazzi during New York Fashion Week. Others also believe she is using her kids to help promote Kylie Baby.

This also seems to go against what Jenner said to Interview Germany in 2019. According to Jenner at the time, she would not force Stormi into fame.

“I am going to wait until she is old enough to make that decision for herself,” she said.

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