Kylie Jenner Plays Tory Lanez Song in Goofy TikTok Post

tory lanez kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner used a Tory Lanez song as background music in one of her latest social media posts … and it’s got people doing a double take — perhaps rightly so.

The KarJenner influencer threw up a goofy TikTok Friday, where she’s recording herself in the car and using a silly filter that makes her face look a little man-ish … not to mention cartoonish. She’s obviously enjoying it, hamming it up for the camera and posing.

It appears Kylie actually posted another video (without the filter on), but deleted it after.

Here’s what’s got folks scratching their heads … a snippet of Tory’s song, “Hurts Me,” is playing over Kylie’s vid — and, yes, it would appear she chose it herself. We should note … this filter is being used a lot right now — and it’s being coupled with TL’s song … for reasons beyond us. This appears to be some sort of a new challenge … and KJ got in on it.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Of course, the reason Kylie’s getting a little side-eye over her use of the song is the fact that she was tangentially tied to the Megan Thee Stallion shooting … at least at first, anyway.

You’ll recall … the shooting took place after Tory, Meg and some other friends were hanging out at Kylie’s house back in 2020 — where they were chillin’ in the pool and partying it up. In fact, attorneys during Tory’s trial actually suggested he was flirting with Kylie that night.

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As the story goes … Meg appeared to be angry with Tory for seemingly trying to get with Kylie, and she left the kickback early … with Tory staying behind. Eventually, Meg and her pal Kelsey came back for him — and everything went downhill from there in the SUV.

As prosecutors argued in court, Tory allegedly shot at Megan … and she was injured as a result. A jury found that to be true, and he was convicted on felony gun and assault charges.

Seeing how this whole thing kicked off at Kylie’s crib … some feel it’s strange that she’s publicly embracing Tory’s song, even if it is in jest. On its face, at least to some, it almost feels like she’s taking sides … this after remaining relatively neutral throughout the saga.

The other weird thing here is … Kylie actually made a cameo in Meg’s ‘WAP’ music video with Cardi B — and that, at the time, seemed to be a sign of solidarity with MTS.

Kylie’s video with Tory’s song attached is still up as of this writing … so it seems like she’s perfectly fine with the reaction it’s spurring, even the negative takes. To each their own. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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