Kym Marsh: Former Coronation Street star suffers ‘complications’ during hernia surgery

Morning Live: Kym Marsh reveals she 'sleep texted' Craig David

Kym Marsh is currently recovering at home after having surgery on two hernias at the weekend. The former Coronation Street appeared on BBC Morning Live via video call from the comfort of her bed, as she opened up about her condition.

The 44-year-old gave her co-host Gethin Jones an update on her health as the presenter was forced to miss her slot on the daytime show.

Kym underwent keyhole surgery after having months of discomfort and explained she stayed in hospital overnight after “complications”.

The Michelle Connor actress admitted it was “painful” and she has been left feeling sore as a result of the surgery.

Kym explained: “What I had originally was diagnosed as inguinal hernia which they said can be caused by sport and obviously I train quite a lot.

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“And then when they went in and had a look they found what they call a femoral hernia, which is slightly less common.

“It is more common in women apparently, women that have had children.”

She continued: “That was my Saturday, so that was nice. I ended up having to stay overnight because I hit a few complications but I am OK, I am doing alright. I am a bit sore.

“It is really painful and weirdly because I had it done keyhole the pain I am getting more than anything is from where they have gone in with the instrument rather than the actual groin area.”

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