Kyrie Irving might not be able to play basketball this season as he continues to resist getting the COVID-19 vaccine — but the dude’s still stretching his legs … with pigskin, no less.

TMZ Sports has obtained video of the Brooklyn Nets superstar all in Sunday on a game of pickup football with some guys at a high school in New Jersey … where he seemed to be playing wide receiver and running routes, but not getting a look on this particular play.

We’re told they were playing 4 on 4 here … and this was actually a soccer field. So, not really a gridiron, per se, but at least we’re getting a chance to see him out in public.

He’s been seemingly reclusive of late — taking to IG Live to try and explain his vaccine status and rationale — this as he remains the focus of national media amid his stance to not get the jab … and forfeit millions of dollars to be a “voice for the voiceless.”

While we imagine his coaches and teammates won’t be too happy seeing this — Kyrie hasn’t practiced/played with the Nets in a good long while now, due to the NY vaccine mandates — at least they can take solace in the fact that he’s staying active and somewhat in shape(?) for if/when he caves and decides to get back on the court at some point this season.

Then again … maybe he never will. It looks like the Nets are prepared to move forward without Kyrie for now — and they could very well trade him if he stays hunkered down like this.

In the meantime … maybe he can get a tryout with an NFL squad or something 😅.

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