'Last of Us' Actress Storm Reid Defends Show's LGBTQ-Inclusive Episodes

“Last of Us” actor Storm Reid isn’t letting a bunch of anti-LGBTQ+ internet trolls rain on her parade, telling us no matter how much they bash the show’s inclusive episodes … she knows it’s important to tell those stories.

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We caught up with the talented young actress Friday at LAX. If you missed it, she had a guest role on episode 7 of the insanely popular HBO series where she played Riley, the best friend and love interest of the show’s star Ellie … played by Bella Ramsey.

Of course, the episode received a ton of praise, but there were also lots of people who thought it was unnecessary for “Last of Us” to include a lesbian plot.

Storm says not only are the stories told on “Last of Us” very real, but they’re also purposeful … and she’s choosing to ignore the folks who can’t see that.

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Those naysayers flocked to the show’s public forums to leave negative reviews, and even went so far as to rank it as one of “the worst” episodes of the season. Perhaps not shockingly, they also hated the third episode, which featured two gay characters.

BTW … Storm says if there’s ever an opportunity for Riley to come back for season two, she’s 100% in for an encore!

Too bad, so sad … haters.

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