In her new ‘SEMI-GLOSS’ memoir, former Elle Australia editor Justine Cullen reveals what happened behind the scene during a December 2013 cover shoot with the ‘Glee’ alum.

AceShowbiz -A former Elle Australia editor has joined the list of people taking aim at Lea Michele for her past bad behavior, revealing the actress once kicked a shoe at an assistant and made her cry.

In her new memoir, “SEMI-GLOSS: Magazines, Motherhood and Misadventures”, journalist Justine Cullen recalls working with the “unpleasant” former “Glee” star for Elle’s December 2013 cover shoot, and explains one “violent on-set outburst” left her assistant in tears.

In an excerpt published by, Cullen writes, “It’s the next tier down who always surprise you, like Lea Michele from Glee, who – in just one of many on-set ‘moments’ – kicked a shoe at my fashion director and made her cry. She was… unpleasant.”

Michele has yet to respond but she previously apologized for her past bad behavior following a wave of horror stories from co-stars in 2020. The backlash against her involved claims of cruelty and racial discrimination, and included statements from “Glee” castmates Samantha Ware, Heather Morris, and Amber Riley.

In an official apology statement at the time, Lea said, “I apologize for my behavior and for any pain which I have caused. We all can grow and change and I have definitely used these past several months to reflect on my own shortcomings.”

Samantha, however, suggested that Lea should donate to a Black Lives Matter cause instead of saying sorry. In a June 2020 interview with Variety, the 29-year-old actress expressed her belief that her former co-star “suffers from a symptom of living in this world in an industry that is tailored to white people.”

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