Liz Hurley stranded for 20 hours with ‘no water, food or hotel’

The Royals: Liz Hurley discusses the show with Chris Evans

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Liz Hurley, 57, is a famous face among thousands who have been blighted by huge delays due to a British Airways “technical issue”. Reports of customers feeling helplessly stranded at airports around the world have emerged – and Liz revealed that she had been waiting more than 20 hours to board a flight in Antigua.

The Estee Lauder spokesmodel lamented this morning: “Stranded at Antigua airport with no food or water, taxis or hotels offered yet. Plane delayed 20 hours.”

She returned an hour later with a further update for her 621,700 followers, adding: “Still stranded- no food, water or hotel. Pretty dodgy service.”

British Airways has replied to Liz directly on Twitter, writing: “We’re experiencing delays to some of our flights due to a technical issue with our flight planning.

“We’re sorry for the disruption to your journey, we’re currently investigating this so that you travel as soon as possible.”

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Also affected by the disastrous delays is the Everybody Loves Raymond star, Patricia Heaton.

Referring to the mammoth waiting times on Twitter too, she wrote: “Woke up in the middle of the night here in London to the news that British Airways flights ‘have stopped because their entire computer system is down’.”

Her sons are currently desperately trying to make it to the UK from Los Angeles airport, as the exasperated star continued: “Hope they make it here soon.”

She added that the “beauty of Twitter” was being able to connect with other travellers in similar situations in real time.

However, British Airways has insisted that it is currently providing refreshments for those affected and facing extra long waits.

The airline has also said that the delays are not affecting any current departed flights.

@Michaelrgarvey joked: “Bit difficult to feel sympathy Liz – you’re in Antigua !! Still, bad luck, hope BA sort it out for you soon and you get home for Christmas.”

Meanwhile, @thegigaddict also delivered a sarcastic swipe, quipping: “Thoughts and prayers to the immeasurable suffering Liz is dealing with in The Caribbean right now.”

However, @garydinsdale sympathised: “Everyone [is] taking the p*** but airlines have a legal obligation to provide water, food, more. They NEVER do this, even on shorter delays where these obligations are triggered. Even their replies say ‘claim it back’ – not how it works. It winds me up!”

@Christi84192395 playfully advised: “Get yourself checked into the Beach Club in St James and relax until BA have sorted this mess out trust me you will enjoy it there. Send BA the bill!”

@cheryl_peril recommended to followers: “Book your own hotels (within reason, not the Presidential Suite). Buy what you need – food, drink, data, laundry. Keep the receipts. Claim EU261 compensation.”

The delay for Liz comes just days after she opened up about her grief over losing the “love of my life”, 52-year-old cricketer Shane Warne, to a heart attack.

She had enjoyed a relationship with the sporting legend between 2011 and 2013, and they had been engaged.

Liz admitted in an interview with The Times that losing Shane was “terrible” and she’d desperately wished news of his death had been a prank.

“It’s taken a long time to sink in,” she reflected, adding: “It was… and it still is very hard [to accept].

“I honestly kept thinking he’d call and it would turn out to be some big Aussie joke.”

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