If you’re one of Lizzo’s many adoring fans who’s low-key hoping that she and Chris Evans complete their next step of their Instagram DMs love story by hooking up…welp, things haven’t progressed that far (at least not yet), but things certainly appear to be going in the right direction since Lizzo and Chris are still in contact with each other!

As a refresher, Lizzo revealed on her TikTok that she drunkenly slid into Chris’s DMs on Instagram earlier this month. “Don’t drink and DM, kids…for legal porpoises this is a joke,” she captioned the vid.

Don’t drink and DM, kids…. for legal porpoises this is a joke

“The reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I’m not gonna be able to marry him, and honestly, it hurts me to the core,” Lizzo lip-synced on TikTok to audio by Tatayanna Mitchell. “Because damn papa, he a rare breed, no comparing. Like, Chris….”

After the post went viral, Chris followed Lizzo on Instagram and slid into her DMs this time around. “No shame in a drunk DM,” he wrote. “God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol.”

#duet with @lizzo BITCH

Which leads us to today’s update! A fan of Lizzo’s asked the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: “LIZZO HOW ARE THINGS WITH CHRIS EVANS KEEP US UPDATED BESTIE,” which were my words exactly! Lizzo posted a literal one second screenshot to her video, which the internet was v quick to grab.

Reply to @tuana612 Update on Jamal

From the screenshot, we can deduce that Lizzo and Chris have made future plans to do shots together, on Chris’s tab. Does this mean it’s a date? Unclear, but it is certainly an interesting development. Fingers crossed these two actually get together!

You love all the deets on celeb relationships. So do we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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