Loose Women’s latest episode featured Charlene White, Brenda Edwards, Judi Love and Kéllé Bryan manning the panel. Some viewers were incredibly disgruntled by the lineup, taking to social media to blast the show, but hosts Charlene and Brenda have calmly addressed the controversy and shut down critics.

The emotional episode marked one year since the death of Brenda’s son Jamal died at the age of 31.

Last year, The Guardian revealed a coroner had concluded that Jamal’s death was the result of a heart attack caused by recreational drug use.

The four panellists were all dressed in blue for the episode, with Charlene sharing a sneak peek on Twitter shortly before the show.

She explained: “This afternoon we’re dressed in blue, supporting Brenda, as she pays tribute to Jamal on the show – a year on from his death. Join us at 12.30 #Sisterhood”

However, as the program aired streams of comments and critiques filled social media with racist remarks.

Some users claimed they switched to BBC once they saw the lineup, while others slammed Loose Women and ITV’s decision saying: “How woke of you.”

A few loyal viewers stood up for the panellists, noting that their focus should have rather been on the “amazing tribute to Jamal” as ellielingerland tweeted.

Despite the onslaught of negativity, Charlene seemed unphased as she replied to an article about the controversy by The Voice Newspaper.

The broadcaster brutally slammed critics saying: “We’re still award-winning, so” with an emoji of nails being painted.

Supergirl Actor David Ajala praised Charlene in the comments section saying: “Winning never looked so good.”

Stage actress Adjoa Andoh added: “What a beautiful sight! Hold Your Nerve Sisters.”

Brenda has also recently responded to the episode’s backlash, taking to Twitter on Sunday morning.

A viewer questioned the episode saying: “Brenda’s son died a year ago, sad. But why does that mean they all have to be black? Because that’s what she preferred? Seems anti-white.” (sic)

The English singer expertly shut down the negativity writing: “Wow seems you’re actually the anti one.

“Why is it always such a big deal when we are on?

“We’re just 4 beautiful, talented, strong women just like the panel that was on the day before, I really think you need to check yourself.

“I will pray for you.”

Countless fans applauded Brenda’s “great comeback” while others were quick to reassure her that this opinion did not represent the majority of her audience.

Emmaoliverj declared: “There is always one. I don’t see the problem of having four black women talking and giving advice.”

GillMacc added: “No comments when 4 white ladies make up the panel, so why the need to comment? I just see 4 fabulous ladies.”

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