Louise Redknapp opens up about co-parenting with ex Jamie Redknapp

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Louise Redknapp, 48, has opened up about co-parenting with he ex-husband Jamie Redknapp, 49, whom she separated from in 2017.

The Eternal singer married the England footballer back in 1998, and the pair share two children: Charley, 18, and Beau, 14.

Louise lives in Surrey with her youngest son along with their two dogs, Banksy and Rudi.

Jamie has since re-married, tying the knot with model Frida Andersson, 38, in 2021 and welcoming a child with his new wife last November.

The West End star wrote about spending time with her sons, and how she co-parents with ex Jamie, in a new article for The Sunday Times.

Speaking about her life as a single mum, she explained: “Jamie and I share the afterschool football pick-ups, and Beau is often at his dad’s, so my favourite evenings are when it’s just me and Beau.”

She added that she often liked to make dinner for her son despite being a “crap cook”, describing his ideal meal as “steak and chips with an egg on top and broccoli on the side”.

Opening up about her love life, Louise continued: “People ask me about dating and although I wouldn’t say I ever go out actively looking, I’ve got an open heart for what the future may bring.

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Describing how she had daily calls with her son Charley while he was attending university in Arizona, Louise went on to say that “all of my energy goes into my boys and my job”.

She also shared an amusing anecdote about taking her son Beau on the school run.

“I have strict instructions from him to stay in the car, especially if I’m in flip-flops,” she explained. “The worst case scenario, which happens surprisingly often, is when one of my songs comes on the radio as we approach the school gates.

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“Beau obviously finds this mortifying and says, ‘Just park around the corner. Please.’”

“I’ve no idea if my boys think I’m a cool mum, but I have a great relationship with both of them and they’re super supportive of what I do.

“They don’t say too much because they’re teenagers, but I know they’re proud, which I sometimes hear when they don’t realise I’m in earshot.”

Louise joined the girl band Eternal in 1992, before going solo three years later and selling more than five million records in the UK and 15 million worldwide.

Read the full interview with Louise in The Sunday Times.

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