Love Island fan theory exposes Andrew’s incredibly thoughtful gesture to Tasha

Love Island fans have pointed out just how devoted Andrew Le Page is to his girlfriend Tasha Ghouri after seeing the loved-up pair in a recent photo.

Andrew, 27, and Tasha, 23, have been an official couple for a little while now, after hitting a few bumps in the villa, and recently spoke of their plans to move in together after the show.

The pair have continued to show how besotted they are with each other on the ITV2 series and now fans think they’ve spotted the thoughtful gesture that proves Andrew’s true devotion to his girlfriend.

In a photo posted on Tasha’s Instagram account, the couple are seen posing with their arms around each other in front of the sunset.

Andrew is sitting on Tasha’s right side kissing her cheek, leading followers to believe he is intentionally by the side of her cochlear implant so she is able to hear him better.

Tasha is Love Island’s first deaf contestant and has been open about her hearing disability on the show.

Fans have praised Andrew for the touching gesture, as one person said: "If you notice Andrew ALWAYS sits on her right side which is where the ear is that has the cochlear implant. Her dad said that in her other ear (without the implant) she cannot hear anything."

A second commented: “Andrew always sits on the side of Tasha’s implant to make it easier for her to hear. I haven’t picked up on it, but if true, it’s probably the sweetest thing anyone’s done this season.”

"Andrew's so cute for always sitting on that side for Tasha's sake,” another fan said, as someone else added: “The level of almost devotion like commitment he has for Tasha runs deep for sure."

The thoughtful gesture seen comes as Andrew and Tasha discussed getting engaged in three years’ time on Tuesday night’s episode.

Sitting in the garden, Andrew asked Tasha: “You think I’d propose to you sooner than three years?” to which she replied: “If we keep going the way we are going, yeah, I reckon so.”

Tasha’s dad Tarek gave his approval of Andrew earlier this week, as he told The Sun: “Andrew seems like a nice guy, he's genuinely got respect and feelings for Tasha, despite what happened in Casa Amor.

"And they both had those incidents with other people, but that's the nature of the programme, to explore what could be, and they've done that and they've come back and gravitated back to each other.

“The relationship is flourishing, they've been against all odds and have come back and have clearly a connection, it just took a while to get there.”


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